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How long did you wait in line to vote?

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How long did you have to wait in line to vote in the US election today?

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I voted 2 weeks ago and I only had to wait for approx 20 minutes. It was a very nice day, though, so I didn't mind.
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I was not able to vote
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I voted absentee, so there was no waiting at all! I got to vote at my leisure, in my pajamas. I always vote absentee. I'm WAY too impatient to wait in those kind of lines.
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Since I am on third this week, I went straight to the voting place right after work. I got there about 10 minutes before they opened and there were probably 30 other people there by the time it opened. I let a bunch of people go in front of me because they had to get to work and I didn't.

I also opted for the paper ballot instead of the ridiculous computer. That way, there is an actual paper record of my vote. The lady didn't know that there was a third page to the paper ballot so she only gave me two pages until I came back and asked her about some of the issues that were supposed to be on the ballot. There were a couple of people that only got to vote two pages and they didn't know about the third because I brought it up after they had gone.

I know that I have watched too many political commercials now because I got home and the neighbor's dog was barking at me and I told her, "Daisy, you say the same thing every day. You need to change your topic. My name is Melissa and I approve this message"
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I voted early because I am in Fl not KY right now
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We did not have the option to vote early in Massachusetts, so I just went with Aaron. Longest lines I have ever seen, but we got out of there in about 20 minutes.
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Wow I don't think I have ever waited more than 20 mins to vote, but since I now mail my vote it isn't a problem
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I was up at the crack of dawn. I walked to my polling place (it's right up the street) and was in, out, and home in less than 20 minutes. I sure hope it picks up as the day wears on! There were people behind me, though.
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Originally Posted by icklemiss21 View Post
Wow I don't think I have ever waited more than 20 mins to vote, but since I now mail my vote it isn't a problem
Me either, but I have heard of people waiting in line for hours to vote.
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I was in line for 60 minutes.
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I was really worried when I got there this morning because the line was super long, but less than a half hour later I was voting. They did a great job of keeping things moving. I got ballot #96 at 7:30 AM. I am so glad i did not have to vote in downtown Milwaukee because there were people in line at 5 AM this morning. I have never been so thankful to have a polling place in my neighborhood.
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We arrived at 7:10 and left 7:50. Longest I have ever had to wait. It wasn't too bad though since I was expecting longer.
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I voted two weeks ago and I had to wait an hour
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already voted, was supposed to be out of town, but work changed that plan.
anyway, the line was out the door, and wrapped around the fire station.

i called a friend he said he waited about 1 hour
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Our polls opened at 6:30. I got there about 6:20 and there were already about 75 people in line. Took about 40 minutes to get inside and actually vote. Could have been been worse I guess.
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Hell's Kitchen, in midtown Manhattan - about a 45 minute wait at the school which is 1/2 a block from me. This was a little after 7 this morning.
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I was in and out in the time it took me to fill in my ballot. It was about 9:15 and I was the 338th ballot. I was thinking of voting early and I'm glad I didn't. I work in our county/city building and the lines to vote early were always long... I had NO line today.
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I'm in VA and was expecting a long wait. Dh wasn't With how many times the candidates have been in this area in the last month- they've both been here at least 3 times each in the last month- I knew we'd have heavy turnout. ESP living in a military area.

He went in at 6 and it took him 2 hours. The line at this TINY church we vote in (IMHO it's too small for the area) was wrapped around the parking lot, about 1/4 of a mile away.

I went at 9, and waited maybe 40 minutes. And I saw a whole bunch of people I know

My only gripe is that I heard on NPR this morning that if you were over 65 or disabled you were supposed to be able to vote at the curb. There was no such thing at our polling place. And there should have been.
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I got there at 6:45 and the line was already out the door. It only took 20 minutes after the polls opened at 7, and I was done and on my way to work.
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I think we should be able to check multiple boxes that apply.

I early voted on Thursday, but I STILL had over a 3 hour wait in line to vote. I tried to make it easier on myself by early voting, but still had a really long wait as far as early voting goes (worth the wait for the privledge to vote though!)

I don't envy the people in my area that decide to vote today though- they're going to have some REALLY long lines if early voting was any indication of the turnout we're going to have.
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I just got back from taking one of my clients to vote. Again, we waited less than 15 minutes. Lots of people, though; the line moved pretty quickly.
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The line was very long compared to previous years. I usually wait less than 5 minutes, with only a few people ahead of me. This morning, it was about 25 minutes with 35-40 people ahead of me.
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Rob and I waited in line from 6:50am to about 8:50am before getting to the polling box. We then had 3 minutes to cast our votes.
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I didn't have to wait at all. There were more people there than there usually are, but it was still pretty empty.
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I am so glad I didn't vote early. 3 hour lines were the norm. I was in and out in less than a half an hour. If I would have waited until 8 am I would have been behind only 4 people.
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I sent my ballot in the last day of September. I had to wait in line at the post office for about two minutes.

I also had to pay 99 cents to vote, since the "no postage required if mailed in the U.S." envelope is pretty useless for voters in foreign countries.
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Originally Posted by Tara & Rob View Post
Rob and I waited in line from 6:50am to about 8:50am before getting to the polling box. We then had 3 minutes to cast our votes.
You had a time limit?! That's crazy!
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Just got back. Having worked the polls in the past I knew about 10am it would quiet down. There were only about 6 ahead of me but as I left there were many many more.

Sis and BIL were #2 and #3 at their polling place. They left home about 5:30am.

I was there no more than 15 minutes, but my bad back and hip were trying to tell me it was foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.

On Monday they said the line at early voting (adjacent county with big city) meant about a 2 hour wait.
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Our local news did a story last night about how our polling place (our only polling place in our city) was having to gear up for 10,000 voters today . So I got there about 11am with my 5 year old in the stroller, drinks, and a snack ,and it turned out that there was no one in line for the "M's", lol. It was great! I was there maybe 5 minutes - I had to wait for a pen though, because I forgot mine .
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