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Oohhh... she's so teeny.
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They are such cuties! How big (small!) were they when they were born?
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One was 5 lbs., even and the other was 5 lbs. and change. I feel terrible - I can't tell them apart and don't know exactly how much they weighed.

The nursery nurse was a reall nasty b---h and wouldn't give any of us straight answers. Sam's parents and I are filing a complaint against her. If she can't deal with doting grandparents, she needs to go work geriatrics.

I haven't called because the kids need time, with the babies and each other. I did send an e-mail and will try to go down, this weekend. So far, I've tried not to be an interfering MIL. My first MIL tried to tell me how to decorate my house, what to cook and how to raise my baby and I felt like strangling her!
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Cindy, I don't think you should feel terrible about not being able to tell which baby is which just yet. I'm betting it's pretty hard even trying with only their little faces sticking out of a wrapped blanket and same colored knitted hats! I'm sure you'll be able to tell them apart soon enough. If I look back on pictures of my neice and nephew when they were infants, sometimes I struggle to tell which one it was, and they weren't even twins, they're 2 years apart!
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Cindy - I've been wondering about the babies, and figured it'd been enough time now .... so I felt comfortable bugging you, LOL!

How're they all doing?
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Oh how cute they are!
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Congratulations! They're little dolls, though actually not so little - 5 lbs. apiece for twins is a good weight. Enjoy them!
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They are gorgeous! You are so lucky!
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Don't know how I missed this! Congratulations, Granny!! They are so cute, is Sam going to put different colors on them so everyone knows who is who?
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They are very adorable!
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Thanks, for the interest, y'all. I talked to Mark, yesterday and everyone is doing fine. Isabel started squalling, while I was talking to Mark and she has good lungs!

I'm going to try to get down there, this weekend. I'm still not acclimated to my work hours and am having difficulty staying awake, in the afternoons. If I go, I'll take more pix. I've got new batteries, for the good camera.
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