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Baby picture

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Please don't ask me which is which - its too early, for me to tell!

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Look at the perfect little babies!

They're even waving back - that is SO CUTE!

Thanks, Cindy! CONGRATS again!!!!!!!
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Cindy..they're adorable little cutiepies! I bet you can't get enough of them!
Congrats on becoming a Nana!
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The girls are beautiful!!! You must be so happy
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ohh Congrats Grandma!!!! They are soo precious!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!
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They're adorable!!!!!
Are they identical twins or fraternal twins???? (I think fraternal is the right word.)
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We're not sure, yet - two sacks, two placentas but, they could still be identical. Its too early to tell, without DNA. Actually, they look a lot like my grandfather.
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Gorgeous Babies !!!! Well Done Cindy , Congrats
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Cindy they are adorable! You must be one proud grand ma!
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Too damn cute, Cindy! I foresee a lot of spoiling coming on!
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Double the diapers, double the feedings, double the amount of sleep lost .........double the JOY! Congrats to the whole family!!!!!!! Bet Mark is beaming!
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Congratulations I looove babies, and these two are sooo precious!!
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Oh! How absolutely adorable!!!! Makes me sorry I'm not carrying twins - though that might have meant double the morning sickness, so on second though...

They are absolute angels - I'm so very happy for you!!!
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Mark has been staying at the hospital, around the clock. He gets up, when Sam does. (He'd better!) Mark has changed his first diaper - but only a wet one. Since they're girls, I haven't had to teach him my trick to keep from getting a shower. Wait until he gets that first big, stinky load, though!
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They are ADORABLE! What cute babies!
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Awww, they are beautiful girls! Double the trouble for Sam and Mark, but double the fun for you as the grandma!!!
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awwwwwww how cute!!!!!!
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Cindy, they're SO sweet!!!

What a lucky family you are to be blessed with such a lovely pair of baby girls!!
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Oh Cindy, Congratulations mate! If there's one thing better than looking at baby kitten pictures - it's baby human pictures!!

Awwwwww...they're absolutely adorable.

Some of my friends with twins say that strangers come up to them after they've spotted the twins and say,"Oh, double trouble!" I hate that, I always say, "Double the joy."
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What beautiful babies Cindy! Congrats Grandma!!!
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Have you worked out which is which yet? Can you let us know so's we can put a name to each little face?
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Bump (I'm showing off!)
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Oh Cindy!!! They are just precious!!!!! I feel a bit silly though, since I just got your e-mail with the pictures in it and e-mailed you back that you should also post them here...I hadn't seen that you had done so already!!!

They are just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see more pics as they get older....I want to see a pic every month (at least!!)
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I'm so glad you bumped this thread Cindy, I might have missed it otherwise! The girls are so cute! And I love how they do look like they're waving to the camera.
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Here's one of Mark and one twin. (I STILL don't know which one)
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I enhanced the colors of the last pic...hope you like it!
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Thanks, Shell. Its a cheap camera and I can't figure out my photo editing software.
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You're welcome!
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