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The shelter had a scare Saturday

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A guy came in, wanting to adopt one of the cats. He put the cat in his carrier before even starting the process, and when the workers told him he needed to leave the cat in the cage until he had completed everything, he got loud and abusive and tried to leave with the cat anyway, being prevented by the police, who were called in.

It turns out he was this guy:

The ladies at the shelter were brave to stand up to him. This morning, they had posted up pictures of him and had an animal control officer (who is also technically a police officer) on call in case he showed back up today, as he said he would.
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Oh, man. It takes all kinds, doesn't it? Good thing you guys stopped him. What a nut! I guess he also threatened to kill one of his neighbors and cut off her head...
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I think I had seen something about him on TRU TV. What a nut! He shouldn't be allowed to have any animals, in fact he shouldn't be allowed to be out in public!
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Whaaaat?! Looks like that`s one kitty that had a lucky escape. It`s kinda sad though. I wonder about all the others he has
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wow. I love cats, but even I know I can't take care of THAT many. Good thing the ladies were brave enough to keep him from getting his hands on another cat
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that poor cat that died because this arse is a nutjob!! I hope they catch him and charge him with animal cruelty!!!
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The cat he tried to steal was an all-black little lady who appears to be part British Shorthair or something. Very rounded head, no long nose. Her name is Dubois, and she's one of my favorites.
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Wow, that's crazy! I know about people who are hoarders, but it's usually like they take in a few strays, don't get them fixed and it gets out of control. I've never heard of one violently apprehending animals!

At my shelter, earlier this year, we had a woman steal a cat. She came in about two hours before we were open to the public and asked to look at a specific cat. She gave some cockamamey story about how she has a cat at home who's a dominant male and wanted another male to stand up to him (huh?) In most cases, they probably wouldn't have turned someone away if they came in during non-public hours, but this woman just seemed "off" and if she was going to come back and try to adopt, they wanted it to be when the shelter director was there and could get her take on the situation and tell the woman we wouldn't be adopting any cat to her.

About an hour later, the people who were getting ready to open for the public noticed that the cat she'd asked about was gone. The shelter is mostly cageless, unless the cat is sick. This cat was getting over an eye infection so he was in a cage and they noticed immediately that he was gone.

Turns out the side "employee/volunteer" door was left unlocked and the woman snuck back in and grabbed him when no one was around.

We passed out pictures to all the local vets. He's never turned up
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