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America's Next Top Model

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Ok, so who's going to win??

I don't think Samantha has it. She's quite plain, and I feel it's more her personality getting her through.

They don't feel strong enough about Elina for her to get much further. I like her, and her look, but she doesn't have enough diversity.

Analeigh I really like - she's cute as a button She can hold her own, has shown diversity, and has a great look, but I'm not convinced she'll win it.

McKey has a strong chance after last week - she looks more high fashion, has a likeable personality, and has enough self confidence.

Marjorie will make it to the end. She does amazing photos, is getting more self confidence and freaking out less, has proven herself many times. If she gets through next week where they talk to the designers will decide if she wins I reckon.

According to the ad, someone gets disqualified from the challenge where they're talking to the designers. McKey isn't there for some reason, so it can't be her. I'm putting my money on Sam or Analeigh - she looked pretty peeved.

And did you see the "Where are they now" bit? They talked about Katarzyna. They seemed to really not like her last season, but I was pretty sure she would go places, and she seems to have done a lot better than most of the other girls who have been through!
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I like Elina's look and her pictures, but the judges really don't like her 'stiffness', which is somewhat sad as they could have her play it up a little and make it more awkward.

Samantha... I'm really not sure about her, I don't much like her. She looks like Catie from Season 3 (I think it was three) and the attitude she can give in private irks a little.

Analeigh is very pretty, but to me she's too plain, despite a fairly unique face.

I like both McKey and Marjorie's looks. Of the two, I like Marjorie better in photos.

So I suppose my vote is for one of the three non-blondes.
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I have to call my nephew Max. One of his closet college friends is on this season's show.
He told me her name but I can't remember it offhand.
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I think they will choose Marjorie but I am a fan of Analeigh
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I'm thinking Marjorie, also. Wouldn't mind Analeigh or McKey. I even think poor Elina is misunderstood... though I'm sure she won't be the winner. Yeah. I think the smart money's on Marjorie.
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I haven't really decided, although I hope it is not Samantha, I don't like her and she is too "everyday" to be a supermodel IMO. Elina I think will be the next to go I'm going to agree with Kaete that Marjorie will probably be the winner
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I'm going to go with McKey. (I really didn't like her in the beginning, but she's grown on me)

I agree with everyone that Elina is probably the next to go (too bad, though. I think she does some great pictures)

Samantha is, at best, average and is already starting to get the "not top model material" comments, so I don't think she has much time left. Not a bad thing, she's really getting irritating.

Marjorie stands a very good chance, but she's pretty late in the competition to still be so nervous around the judges and that questionable impresion could really hurt her when they go around to the designers.

Annaleigh is also really interesting - I don't think she does well in person, but has absolutely stunning pictures. I think she stands a very good shot at 2nd.
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Samantha's outfit at panel was so funny. It looked like she was going to a business interview. Saying "I don't really get fashion" or whatever it was, was VERY bad for her.

I reckon she'll be next to go.
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I stopped at my SIL's this afternoon and my nephew's best college friend-McKey won!!
They have been watching the show together but this week she wasn't there so he figured she must have done pretty well.
I see him at Thanksgiving so if anyone wants the scoop let me know.
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I caught this on TV the other night. it came down to her and Samantha (suprised the hec out of me) but McKey really blew her away in the last two challenges. I was pretty suprised that Samantha beat out Annaleigh....
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Originally Posted by Ms. Freya View Post
I caught this on TV the other night. it came down to her and Samantha (suprised the hec out of me) but McKey really blew her away in the last two challenges. I was pretty suprised that Samantha beat out Annaleigh....
I was surprised too! Analeigh was my fave, and I was disappointed that she was let go before the end. I thought McKey was probably the most talented though.
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I've gone straight to the bottom of the thread so I don't read any spoilers! I haven't watched it yet, I record the Friday episode so don't know who won yet! I can't believe how good I'm being at not peeking.. I have my money on McKey though.
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Finally finished watching it! McKey has definitely looked the most high fashion model they've had for a long time, and actually been able to regularly back it up with great photos.

I did like Analeigh though, she was so sweet
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