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HEEHEE, THIS RELATES TO another thread: tp....white/colored/scented?
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oranges or apples?
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apple pie or pumpkin pie?
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Crumble apple pie with whipped cream!

sun or snow?
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How about a sunny day with snow on the ground!!

Chicken or beef tacos??
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On pizza - extra sauce or extra cheese?
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Extra cheese.

Cats' favorite treat?
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Luv's tartar control crunchy treats.

crunchy treats or soft treats?
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Soft treats. And we break them in 3 pieces, so Spike thinks he gets 6 treats, when he really only gets 2.

Hmmm... fresh air or air conditioning?
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Depends, how bad is the pollen? Generally fresh air.

Drama or comedy?
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Favorite funny movie?
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Uncle Buck!!! This is my all time favorite! I love John Candy! Too bad he passed away..I really enjoyed his movies..

what is your favorite season?
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Fall - not too hot or cold and the snowbirds aren't here, yet.

Would you rather get gifts of candy, flowers or jewelry?
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Flowers, although candy is a close second.

Slippers or Barefoot (around the house)?
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Definitely barefoot! Lays or Ruffles?
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baked lays

cats or dogs?
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Cats but I have dogs, too.

Chat rooms or message boards?
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Message boards.

BBQ or Sour Cream & Onion chips?
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BBQ !!

OR :homer: ...LOL ?
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(I can't stand the Simpsons! )

Baths or showers?
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Baths when I'm tired and Showers when I'm in a rush

1/2 full or 1/2 empty?
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1/2 full for sure!

White bread or wheat?
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Wheat... wholesome WHEAT !!! !!!

Dark or white chocolates? (i really like dark ones.. drool2!)

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dark..my favorite....

plain or peanut?
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With NUUUUUUUUTS!! i love anything nuts!

Walnuts or Peanuts?
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peanuts..i hate walnuts..but like pecans!!!

chicken or steak?
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dragons or unicorns?
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i like unicorns They are GORGEOUS!!

Orange juice - with pulp or without?
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With pulp AND calcium.

Cream or powder eye shadow?
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i like powder ones (i have only ONE eye shadow - baby blue color.) i know it sounds pathetic!

Red or pink lipstick?
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