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Green Tea

Cheese or Peanut Butter on crackers?
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Penaut butter but Vegemite is BEST !!

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hair natural or colored?
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Mine is Colored..

Do you touch type or do you look at the Keyboard?
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Letters~ touch type, but the numbers I still have to look..

Hawaii or cancuun..for a vacation?
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Hawaii, I just watched a show on the travel channel last night. They had the top ten vacation spot there. I was telling my husband to call for tickets .

country living or city life?
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close to the city, but only three miles to the nearest horses and cows

clip coupons or not?
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Not usually.

Would you rather type or write?
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Typing , It's soooo much easier

Crayons or Colored Pencils?
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I think I answered this already but to eat:Crayons
to color: Pencils

Glue or glue stick?
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glue stick

paying bills online or mailing them through snail mail?
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Snail mail....... I'm to parnoid!

Do you fold down the bag of chips or clip it?
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Well, first I cut off any excess bag with scissors... then I get rid of as much air in there as I can, fold down the bag, and clip it with a clothespin. (I'm a bit particular sometimes... )

Do you drive a vehicle with a manual or automatic transmission?
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Automatic is the only way for me. I can't chew gum and walk let alone shift and pay attention!

Tan or gray car interrior?
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Tan! Although I black interior!

Ford or Chevy? Please say Ford!!
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I have to say Chevy--I have a Geo Prism, and had a bad experience with a Ford.

Does your cat sleep with you or on you?
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With me.

Regular skiing or water skiing?
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No freaking skiing!!!!!! Only because last time I went my leg ended up wrapped around my neck, that was on snow, I've never tried water, but I would try it.

Do you wear those water shoes in the ocean?
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