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Red - I am not a pink kind of person.

How often do you brush your cats?
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I try for every other day, but Trent sometimes had other things in mind.

Picture frames - wood or synthetic (metal, ceramic, etc.)?
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popscicles or fudgsicles?
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Mmmm! Fudgescicles!

Apple or Cherry Pie?
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Apple pie ala mode!!

Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!! i have such a sweet-tooth! Ulps!!

Rasberries or strawberries? ( i adore rasberries with double cream!!)

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Country Music or Pop Music?
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Country over pop, definitely.

Rock or pop music?
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Mashed or baked potatoes?
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Butter or olive oil for your bread?
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Butter! Olive Oil?? You can put that on bread?

Cream Cheese or Cottage Cheese?
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Both are so tasty but since I'm trying this Atkin's diet, I'll go for cottage cheese.

Cheddar: which is betta, sharp or extra-sharp?.......is there a difference?
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I don't think there is a difference, but I chose sharp..

mozerella or swiss?
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Mozerella(sp?)-I can't spell it but I could eat those fried sticks of it all day!!!!

Veggies: Canned or frozen---assuming no fresh?
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wheat or white bread?
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Wheat (answered 2nd time around)

Chocolate thins or chocolate bars?

ME LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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chocolate bars
I can't remember what I have asked way back there



catfish or salmon?
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For me it is chocolate ANYTHING - chocolate candies, chocolate cookies, chocolate over nuts, chocolate rocky ice cream, blah, blah, blah - you got my drift !!

Salmon - helps with the aging process.

Brush or comb? (i use a comb when hair is wet, and a brush to brush my long hair when it is dry)
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daisy or rose?
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White ROSES are my favorite flores!!

White or blue color? (although white is not considered as a color)
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I like white best!!!

Burritoes or Tacos?
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Neither. i got an overdoes of Mexican food when i was at Mazatlan, Mexico. i am taking a long break from Mexican food.. hehe!

Lobster or Shrimp? (i love seafood!!)
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ohh man, you got me stumped...I loooove them both!!!!!! I will say lobster.....

fried or grilled?
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Romaine lettuce or Iceberg?
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romaine.. yummm

ranch dressing or italian?
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skiing or skating?
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north or south?
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Hardwood or carpet flooring?
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Carpet, much more comfortable to lay on.

Life or Monopoly (the board games)?
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Yeah, i like carpet too.

i grew up with Monopoly, and still adore this game!!

t shirts or pyjamas for sleepwear?
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tee-shirt and boxers

Rollerskate or rollerblade?
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