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What a great dinner!

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Every year, there is a week when a number of restaurants in our area have 3 course meals for $30.00. I am talking about some really nice restaurants. Last night, DH and I had dinner at Bing Crosby's. They had a salad with beets, raddichio, other lettuces, walnuts and goat cheese and it was spectacular! Then we had flat iron steak with fingerling potatoes and veggies.
The dessert was vanilla creme brulee. The portions are sometimes smaller but not at BC's. Take the dessert. You know how the creme brullee usually comes in those round little dishes? Last night, ours came in an oval serving dish that was about 5 inches long. Heavenly!

We have reservations for 3 more restaurants. I figured with all that has been going on with Ben that we deserved it. So, at the end of the week we will be broke and fat.
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That sounds great! We have that type of thing twice a year here - it's called Summerlicious and Winterlicious. It sells out fast here!

This January will be the 6th anniversary and now 130 restaurants are participating in my area. It's a great way to try out a more expensive restaurant you might not normally go to.
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