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Nakita's Fun Afternoon

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Nakita had a short romp in the backyard........

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Gosh, Nakita, you are such a beautiful girl!! I have never seen such lovely features in a kitty like you!!!! Looks like you had fun in the sun!!!!
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Beautiful as ever Nakita!!!
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I bet she really enjoyed that.
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Kass - my jaw drops every time I see her pics. She is just so gorgeous!!!!!

We have managed to get the leash on Shelly several times. But he just rolls around once it's on, and he makes it hard to get it off! He did try to walk once.... he slunk across the floor on his belly. It was too funny!

Nakita is obviously a very confident and brave kitty! (In addition to being gorgeous!)

I really love the pic where she looks like she's going to pounce on something outside, and the first one of her on the window ledge. What a doll!!!!!
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Wow her eyes are the same color as the grass, how beautiful!

Did it take her long to learn to walk on the leash? Sasha is in training but he doesn't wask along very good yet

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Looks like you had fun, Nakita! Beautiful as always, thanks for the Nakita fix, she's Gorgeous!!!!!!!!
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My goodness, perhaps i should adopt a Russian blue instead of a Sphynx..

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Aww Nakita is GORGEOUS she has such a smiley little face
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Lookin good Nakita!!
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At the cat show yesterday I saw 2's no as cute as her!!
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"Dear Nakita,

Would you please explain "sun" and "grass" to me? All I know is "rain" and "mud"


Grey Squirrel- the Oregon Kitty...
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Oh Kass I am so in love with Nakita. I wish my babies were half as photogenic.

Everytime I see her I whine to Craig about wanting a replica of Nakita.
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Originally posted by Coco Maui
Did it take her long to learn to walk on the leash? Sasha is in training but he doesn't wask along very good yet

I started to train her when she was 7 months old. I started really slowly and would only have the harness on her for short 10 minute intervals every few days. When she had the harness on I would play with her and giver her treats and praise. She took to the harness with no problems.

After she was used to the harness, I attached the leash and would walk her around the house. Then, if she wanted into our front enclosed porch, she was only allowed there with her harness on. Then from there we started to go outside.

Some cats hate it, others don't mind it at all. It's easier to train a younger cat and you must give lots of praise and have patience!Nakita doesn't mind it since she knows she will be allowed to go outside.

I'd say from the first time I introduced the harness to her actually walking on the lead took a month. I was in no rush since it was winter and I didn't want to introduce things too fast and scare her off.

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She's so gorgeous!
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What a life! She really is beautiful. The Russian Blues have the most gorgeous emerald eyes. I trained JC to the leash the same way, but started when he was 4 months old and the vet said it was "safe" for him to go out. Since it was August, we practiced every day, and he was walking outside within a week. He loves it.
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All I can say is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!
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I swear Nakita gets more beautiful every day!!!!!!!

I even called my husband in to look at the one where she is on the grass and her eyes are the exact same color!!!! What a beautiful cat she is!!!!! I saved a couple of those pics, just so I could look at them again!
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Nakita is beautiful. Looks like she had an incredibly fun day. In that last picture, she's looking a bit pooped!
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Thanks Kass, for the leash training tips. I started training Sasha when he was 6 weeks old, before the leash even fit him. Now he has out grown his lead and I need to buy the next size up!
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