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New kitty mama questions

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We're getting our two rescue cats this week, and while my husband has a lot of experience with cats, I'm a first time cat mama and have a million questions!

The cats are both about 6 months old, maybe 2-3 lbs, brother and sister short haired domestics.

I'll ask the foster mama what they've been eating, but we'd like to do whatever's best for them, so we can switch out if we need to. I'm a littler overwhelmed reading through the boards about Wet vs Dry, grain free, etc. We both work during the day, so I've been thinking a 50/50 wet dry schedule might work for us so they can free feed on dry during the day and we can give them a wet meal in the evening when we're home. We want to keep the cats as healthy as possible, and anything extra we can do to reduce shedding would be great too!

What are some foods that I should be looking into? What should I be looking for on food labels? If you do both wet and dry food, how do you schedule it?

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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Since they are kittens the idea of dry food during the day and a wet meal in the evening sounds good.

My boys are about 18 months old and eat two meals a day, dry in the morning and wet in the evening.

You'll want to avoid most grocery store foods. We feed Nutro Max cat dry and wet but are getting ready to explore the grain-free dry world--waiting for samples of Taste of the Wild to come in the mail. It is what is affordable for us.

Sharky the resident food expert will come along and help you out.

Good luck--this time last year I was a new Meowmy myself--without TCS I don't know where the boys and I would be. Definitely use the search function--even now I still spend hours reading old threads.

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I use the 50/50 wet and dry as that was what the vet recommended i use either Whiskers or Felix wet and James Wellbeloved dry and its worked great for my little ones

although i want to find a better wet one for them!
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i free-feed high quality kibble [i have 2 kibble-only eaters] with an evening wet meal for the 3 wet eaters. this works well for me - i'm single, live alone, & often have evening engagements. this way, there's always food available. feeding the wet in the evenings prevents them from waking me on weekends for food
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I am looking into raw food and I too was concerned about what I fed my kitty as first time I have had my own kitty. I feed James Wellbeloved dry, it is a higher end dry but so much better for them and I also feed wet either, natures menu, hi-life, applause, tesco's luxury or finest. I get wet that has a high meat content, it would be on the packet. I choose the around 75% meat ones as better. I leave dry out during the day and feed the wet in the evening now. Sharky is fab and has given me great advice when I have been confused. Myself and my kitty have a lot to thank TCS for!
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A few of my cat owner friends were telling me yesterday that if I feed them wet food at all they're going to reject dry food altogether. I can't afford to go ALL wet food and buy high quality, how can I make sure they'll still accept dry food if I'm giving them wet once a day too?
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My boys definitely havent rejected their dry by any means--they look very forward to it in the AM.

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I give mine wet food in the morning and then at night, free feed dry food, because one of my boys won't eat wet at all. All my cats eat both wet and dry.
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Originally Posted by Jack31 View Post
My boys definitely havent rejected their dry by any means--they look very forward to it in the AM.

i often see my 'wet eaters' eating their kibble... don't think you need to worry about that!
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