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We have our winners of the Paint Kitty Contest!!!  

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First Prize goes to Deb25's daughter- Allie for her cute painting of the cat reaching for the mouse- congrats Allie!! #15

Allie wins The Book of Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai (autographed)

Second Prize- goes to Lorie D for her green tail simplistic Snowball #3 Lorie wins for Snowball some really nice cat toys- courtesy of Cozy Kitten Cattery

Third Prize goes to Kimward34- for her painting "Uh Oh- I'm Your Daddy?" #8

Kim wins a bag of Science Diet cat food.

If you want to see the winners they are here:


Congrats to the winners!!!!! And thanks for those who voted!
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Congratulations to the winners, and to all the talented artists we have here on the Cat Site!
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Congrats to all of you!! YOu are all very talented and did such a a great job!!!
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Very nice job!!! In my eyes, they are ALL winners!

A very special congratulations to the top three winners. Excellent job indeed!

My personal favorites: the "impression" kitty and the gargoyle kitty. Who drew those two? i am just curious.

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Congrats to the winners!!!

Those of you who drew a picture get a free sample of Kitty Oats. I will need to get everyone's mailing address so please PM me so I can get those in the mail soon.

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I have no talent for "painting," at all - with electronics or with paint! So I send admiring Kudos to you all!!!!!!!!
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Congrats everyone! Job well done!
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Awww Well Done, we sure have some talent here !
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Wow, thanks a ton! Everyone else's pictures were really nice too. Congrats to everyone.
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Congrats Py on wowing everyone's socks off with your cute painting!
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We have such wonderful merchants- one of our merchants, upon finding out that the winner was a young girl, has donated a cat umbrella for Py instead of the other prize. Many grateful thanks to


For her donation of "It's Reigning Cats!" a very age-appropriate gift for a young lady.
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Congrats to the winners! Your pictures look totally awesome!
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Congratulations you guys I wish I had a creative thread in my body, but I don't
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Congratulation! Good Work!
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Congratulations mates!! It was so hard to choose - I loved all of them!
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Congratz to all the winners.
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Wow! Thank you, guys. I'm not worthy! Every single one of those paintings were GREAT! Must have been tough to pick. Did you know that GoGo modeled for that cartoon? For that, he gets the bag-o-food all to himself. LOL!

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Congrats on winning the bag of food Kim! But it looks to me like GoGo doesn't really need it!
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LOL! Poor GoGo...he doesn't know that he's big
Hmmmm, do they make fat free ScienceDiet ? LOL!!

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I just got to see this now... congratulations Allie, Lorie and Kim!
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