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My latest project

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I told you about the guitar kit I assembled and finished:

I noticed the seller (on e-bay) sold several kits, but he had consistent complaints about no instructions. I volunteered to write him directions for this guitar and another one I wanted, if he'd make me a good deal on the other guitar.

He said what he really needed was instructions for a different guitar. I told him to make me an offer; he sent me a free kit.

Here it is:

I discovered very quickly why he needs directions. Unlike the other kits, almost none of the holes are pre-drilled. And it has a Gotoh style stop-tail and Tune-o-matic style bridge (well, 2 of each) for which the mounting holes have to be drilled very accurately, so I'll have to create a drilling template. On top of that, it's not wired like the Gibson it's copied from, so I'm going to have to do the wiring schematic on my own.

What it should sound like:
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A couple of examples of such a guitar (a Gibson, in this case) in use. Here's one you've heard lots of times. Notice the "man with the big hands" assisting in the guitar duet on the telecaster:

Here's a newer version of the same song. You'll notice everyone got older, most of their hair got shorter, but the "man with the big hands" is still fun to watch. This time the double neck is a Fender. If you have a fast enough connection, click on the "High Quality" under the video window:

And here's the most famous user of such a guitar. A Stairway to WHERE?
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Wow that 12 sounds nice. actually both do.
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Wow I just watched the hotel California 'new' version. How nice it is to hear a band sound exactly like the record they produced. No BS modifications or ear candy. Just nice quality music
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No one chimed in on who the "man with the big hands" is. Anybody know? I do!
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I don't but I didn't want to sound dumb because I didn't know who hot dog fingers is
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Here's another song from the same DVD. Here's he's playing a gorgeous Carvin guitar and wearing a helmet cam.

If this song doesn't give away his ID, you're too young!
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I think you'd have to be pretty slow to not figure it out from that video lol.

I'm not that young either. I'm 42 and i loved both groups when I was a kid.
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Let me clarify that. I don't know if that song came out when he was with the Eagles did it?

I liked the James Gang AND Barnstorm.

However, as the Eagles I liked Bernie Leadon before they traded him in for Joe
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No, that song was after his Eagle days, on the album, "But Seriously, Folks."
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That's what I thought but didn't want to look stupid
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Have you seen that DVD? He does a song on there about his alcoholism. Pretty brave of him.
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No actually I haven't. I don't even know how to address this, but about 10 years ago I completely stopped listening to ANY kind of music. Weird huh? I was just as much a RNR fan as anyone my whole life. I think i got depressed and it just reminded me of the good ole days so I stopped listening. Then after awhile it just became normal. Who knows? But the point is I haven't seen a lot of stuff I should have.

Sometimes it's a blessing though, like the fact that it killed any interest i had in the Van Halen reunion tour. So I was able to skip the whole screwing Michael Anthony plan.
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