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Daily Thread Monday Nov 3rd!

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Morning cat peeps!

I am finally home from training..and glad for that. I will have to get used to driving to work and paying for food and gas again I guess It was a nice time off of my actual normal life...but I am glad to be back.

Trout has forgotten about me though...now even when I am sitting right beside Josh..Trout chooses his lap over mine She was not impressed that I left her I guess.

Its going to be rainy and 9 degrees today..tomorrow sunny and 15 though!

Heading to work, than to the gym tonight. I need to get back on the wagon. The wedding is only 7 months away!
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It's going to be a warm day today. (Yesterday I drove the open hot rod everywhere on my errands.)

Today is shelter morning. Then I'm going to meet Dottie for lunch, try to get a nap, report to work at about 5 p.m. for a meeting, then a trip to Amarillo, getting back tomorrow afternoon.

This is a busy week. Three trips; one to Amarillo, one to Marrero, and one to Metairie (both New Orleans suburbs).

Santa's elves are getting busy! (I drive for Toys R Us.)
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Well its a foggy morning but slowly lifting. This is due to the jet stream pushing way north for this time of year. We may set record warm temps today and tomorrow. Today's high about 67F and tomorrow about 71F!! Then the temps plunge by the weekend to high's about 40F and chances of snow return.

Processed my few invoices for the month-pretty low so good thing I picked up the PT job.

Getting ready for work in a bit. Bakker is sleeping in his day chair and the girls are on the bed.

I started to teach myself the purl stitch last night as I have some nicer solid color yarn that I would like to try the knit one/knit one stitches. That is my new skill for the month.

Have a good one!
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Its a grey morning here. Looks like its gonna rain. Not sure about the tempeture since I have yet to stick a foot outside and since my apartment is really warm I'm not in a rush to do that!

Today I'm going to finish some papers for grad school...then its off to work (I'm subbing one class and then I have my orchestra pratice) Followed up by private lessons and the gym.

Right now my cats are chasing each other around the apartment. causing mayhem in the am!
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Morning All!!!!

Very foggy here this morning, and doesn't look like it is going away anytime soon.

Woke up to a very sore hand this morning, no doubt because of the damp weather. Hopefully once the day progress a bit it will improve.

Nothing special planned for today, have to go to the bank after lunch( see if I can get lost in the fog) and drop my SS gift off at the post office...I know someone in the south-eastern states who will be getting a gift soon..

The kitties are good, Linus is trying to stuff himself into one of my running shoes. Long story short I throw him a treat earlier and it went in my shoe. Now he got the treat but for some reason he thinks that there is a endless supply in there. Silly cat.

Everyone have a great day
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well i just realised your morning is my late afternoon how dumb am I hehe

Its lovely and dark here went shopping earlier, just enjoying my time off work
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