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Help - Soft stools and meowing

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Clive's stool has been getting softer over the past few days (now lumps in the litter) and he is making more trips to the box.
He meowed a little after one of times this morning. I am watching him. He is drinking water and is eating. Also, I had been giving him diluted Catmilk - could this worsened his symptoms? I gave him acidophilous last night to help..
Also, I can't get him to eat his dry food T(Royal Canin Intestinal tried to add water) and his wet is Wellness grain free. He will also eat his treats (Temptations)
He is walking around and stopped meowing. I will get him to the vet, but in the meantime what can I do to help him?
Thank you!
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Probably cut out the milk for right now. How old is he, again? Diarrhea can be caused by many things, including some very nasty intestinal parasites, changes in food, even stress.
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thanks, I will stop the catmilk. he is 15 and has been treated by the vet and er for possible lymphoma of the intestines or IBD. He has thickened intestines and high calcium.
he is also on prednisolone.
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it could be a sign of RX reaction or the disease progressing... the vet is the best one for this ??
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I gave Clive one in the morning and one in the evening mixed in with his wet food and he ate it up. This morning his stool was formed and a little firmer.
I also cut out the catmilk. He looks better today.
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I called yesterday and they said to watch him and call today if it worsened. I have an appt on friday. I cut out the catmilk and gave him acidophilus and his stool is firmer and formed. I'll know more when we go in for his check up.
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I've merged the two threads on the same subject.
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oh ok! thanks.
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today clive vomited a lot of food and his stool is soft again. took him into vet. he also sounded like he was having trouble breathing.
i took him straight to the vet... the gave him SubQ fluids and flagyl again. He has lost a few ounces since last monday.. they also took urine and blood for recheck. he does have a problem with his left kidney and has a soft mass on his left side by his hind quarter.
we'll see what the results say...
i am remaining hopeful, but am realistic.
he still eats and drinks and uses litter box.
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