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cats tearing up the carpet

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My two cats have a scratching post. They use it. We keep their claws pretty short. They don't scratch on the furniture. Sounds good, right?

They are tearing up the carpet. They're not scratching the middle of the rugs... but the little devils are pulling up the carpet where it meets the wall. I don't think they are trying to scratch like cats normally do. They use their teeth, their claws, their paws.

We've tried spraying something citrus where they do it. But they just find another spot! It doesn't seem practical to use double sided tape or aluminum foil along every wall in the whole apartment... but how do we get them to stop? If it keeps up, they will ruin the whole place!

Any suggestions?

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Does your carpet have wool in it?
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What about distracting them with toys in varieties? Also, i feel that playing with interactive toys with the furbabies really help to get their energy out!

Just a suggestion, that's all.

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shirley-- would you believe that my cats play fetch??? they have a million toys... but seem to prefer things like twist ties, hair elastics, and pieces of paper from the trash. it figures.

by the way, that picture is adorable!!!
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OF COURSE i believe you through and through!! My venus plays fetch as well, and her favorite toy, a bee, is much mutilated now. She would not even play fetch with a replacement bee i got her. Just the old and worn out one will do with this missy, mind you!!

i just got a butterfly interactive toy for them yesterday and Daisy likes it a little, and one judge at a cat show actually gave Venus a pheasant feather as she loves to play with it so much. It turns out BOTH my babies love to play with the pheasant feather.

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Try putting a cardboard scratching pad in each corner. I found that when I placed a cheap cardboard scratching pad on my rugs, my cats completely ignored the rugs and went to town scratching on the cardboard.

From what I understand, cats like to have both upright and flat places to scratch. Chances are that the edge of your carpet simply gives better traction and once they accidently pulled up a corner, it became a fun toy. So...go spend a few bucks on these cardboard scratching pads...I think you'll be surprised at how much better they like them than the carpet!
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