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Old Pictures....I laughed, I cried, I miss them

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In the process of going through all the thousands of pictures I have on an old computer....probably won't run much longer - so uploading as many as I can to my photobucket.

Rainbow Bridge Damita Mae & Dorian Grey


Twitch sleeping on a stone statue

Twitch sleeping on the computer

Twitch sleeping on the gerbil tanks

My old farm kitty, Fafeena, who is now 15

And the parental units never believed in "wasting" the money to fix the farm cats - this is one spring's first round of kittens....so many died, so many were sick. Snotty nosed buff one on the right is my Dorian Grey. I use this picture as reasoning of why people around here should spay/neuter their barn cats. They were always sick, always fighting...always death.

Damita with Ophelia Rose.....proof Ophelia Rose was a nice cat - but she also lived in this bathroom for months with me hardly being able to touch her

Ophelia's idea of a 'cat tree'

My Rainbow Bridge Sandy Paws

Can you come out to play?

Maybe more if I can trudge through more yet tonight & get them uploaded.
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Awww, as much as i giggled I also teared up.................
I have only a couple rainbow bridge kitty pics........
Sweety taking over my bed!

Pandi being queen of the house....

RIP my furry loved friends!
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More pics...

Twitch again

Damita bathing her Dory

"Evil" Ophelia Rose!

Meer-Kat Dory!

RB Sandy Paws again

Bent up TigerLily

My all time favorite of Damita

Goofball Twitch again!

Scared Ophelia Rose

I think Ophelia's trying to give me "the toe" here! lol

FYI - Ophelia Rose was a semi-feral/feral.....dirty, skinny, stinky creature when I got her.
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Thanks for sharing! I laughed so hard at Twitch's sleeping photos The pic of the kittens should really send the message across, its sad when you see litter after sickly litter brave the elements. Good thing Dorian Grey found you. Sandy Paws is such a good-looker. Damita is such a pretty kitty... and Ophelia.. Well, she's just scary!!! The pic of her on the ladder is hilarious though
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Nat, it would be so sad to lose any of those precious pictures. Have you considered buying an external hard drive? That way you can save them all instead of having to pic and choose.

They are all beautiful and I particularly love how Twitch sleeps.
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