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Dogs and Horses of Noah's Ark

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Spent Sunday at Noah's Ark in Malaysia, which is an animal sanctuary set up by Singaporeans.

I have posted some pictures of a small proportion of their kitties in the Cat Lounge (link provided below). So here are the pictures of their doggies and horses! Oh.. and one macaque plus three snakes.

The journey from Singapore to Malaysia was quite an adventure itself. The bus left without us at the Malaysian customs, and the next bus would only arrive in an hour's time - so we hitched a ride from a bus which was bound for Kuala Lumpur. It dropped us off by the side of the road, where we had to climb down a steep slope via a huge drain, and cross a highway to get a taxi. The taxi driver then proceeded to get lost, but we eventually made it to Noah's Ark.

First glimpse of the sanctuary. The horses were running free, but I couldn't catch any of them on camera.

A few dogs live outside, the rest of the 700 (yes, you got the number right) live inside the sanctuary itself.

This black girl is extremely affectionate!

A lonely tail... Who does it belong to?

This guy! He's waiting for someone to open the gate so he can meet the visitors.


An extremely affectionate, kissy, smiley Staffordshire who was nearly put to sleep because he is of a "dangerous" breed. I think humans with such warped thinking should be put to sleep instead. And they should be made to pay for their own procedure!

When we got in, we were invited upstairs for a briefing before the tour began. Most of the dogs are not allowed upstairs because there are a few cats living there. This persistent one kept yelling to be allowed through the gate.

With all those dogs occupying the stairs, climbing this flight of stairs was as precarious as rock-climbing!

A beautiful Irish Setter.

The dogs have a HUGE space to roam around.

They interact with the horses. There are some dogs who actually live in the horses' stalls. Each horse has a favourite dog. How sweet is that?

Majority of the horses are ex-racehorses who would have been put to sleep if their owners had not loved them enough to send them to Noah's Ark. Here, they get to roam the huge grassland for hours everyday, before going back to their stables.

This female pig-tailed macaque is too used to living with humans to be released into the wild. In Malaysia, you can pay RM10 for a license to keep a macaque. This macaque's ex-owner kept the macaque baby when she gave birth, and gave the mum up. She's at Noah's Ark now, in a cage that (IMO) is too small for her. She pulls dogs' tails for fun, and spends the rest of her day pacing over and over again, quite sad to watch.

This is her enclosure.

Last picture.. Just to give you an idea of how difficult it is to walk anywhere without stepping on a tail or paw!

Hope you enjoyed!

Visit the kitties of Noah's Ark here!

Here's a link to Noah's Ark website for those who are interested.
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i'm absolutely stunned to see so many dogs free together! it goes against all the thinking that more than 2 creates a pack and then creates trouble.

what an incredible place for them to be though. are the dogs put up for adoption or is it like a home for life?

amazing too that with all the freedom granted to the dogs and horses, the little
macaque is in such a small enclosure. i guess they have the reasons but i agree that it looks too small for her.
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The macaque yanks the dogs' tails when they pass her cage for the fun of it. I think if they were to let her roam free, she could either be killed by wild macaques or wreak havoc among the dogs. Knowing how powerful macaques can be, I won't be surprised if she can even kill a dog or two on her own!

Noah's Ark has fund limitations, with the huge number of dogs and cats to care for, they spend around $10,000 on food alone. The macaque has her enclosure purely because they were lucky enough to have it when she was left with them. I'm not sure if they have plans to enlarge her enclosure... But chances are they won't have the funds for it.

The founder of Noah's Ark (Raymund) told us that it says a lot about human nature that 1000 animals of different species can live in harmony, but 3 humans can tear a roof down. The dogs may have their own squabbles, I heard about 3 squabbles for the whole day that I was there. No bloodshed, it was all worked out through verbal warnings - simply amazing.

The animals there are not for adoption, especially since they cannot pass through Malaysian-Singapore borders. I don't know the technicalities of it though (if there's a special permit you can pay for etc), but people who visit can apply to sponsor an animal. This helps with Noah's Ark's maintenance fees.
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Oh I forgot to add that Noah's Ark has a principal to give priority to take in animals which are old or sickly first. The young animals there are products of pregnant females who were dumped there. So basically its a place where old animals get to live out their lives with comfort and dignity. A great example are the horses, most of whom have suffered their youth as racehorses.
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That is so amazing!!!! Thanks fo sharing
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Oh my...I want that setter, Lol!!!

I would love to visit a place like that. It looks so peaceful there...
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Oh wow. I totally wanna work there now!

what sweeties!
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