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eating and then pain

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Hello everyone,

I've been feeding a stray, well sort of a stray. This cat was a stray but the lady two houses down has apparently taken him into her home, except that she lets him stay outside all of the time. Anyway, he always comes to me for his food. I would guess she's feeding him crappy food. I'm feeding him Nutro.

Every once in a while this cat will have an episode that when he eats it will cause him obvious pain. He'll eat for about 15 seconds then he'll give a short yelp and scour away in obvious discomfort. I've been feeding him daily for about 8 months and I've seen this happen 3 different times.

Can anyone guess what may be going on here?

Also, does anyone know what the laws are for taking in what appears to be a stray that may be "owned" by someone else?

Thanks for any advice. This little guy is a sweetheart and this lady obviously doesn't know much about cats regardless of how good her intentions may be.
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I'd guess that his teeth are bad. I had a 7 month old with dental issues, but they *generally* appear later in life.
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Ya' know what, he does drool all the time. Would that be another symptom do you think? Do you have any advice for his food? Maybe pureeing it might help? TX!
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canned food???

or yes you can make dry canned in food processor
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When Twitch's teeth were bad - she couldn't even eat canned without pain.
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You need to try and catch him for a vet visit - you can also get him scanned for a microchip then, which will help you decide if he has an owner or not, other things to do is put posters up and enquire with local vets an rescues, all should have a lost register.
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