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Wet food questions

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I've recently been trying to switch my two cats from a totally dry diet and am considering whether to go all wet or to a 50/50 mix of wet and (quality) dry. The instructions on the can say to feed one ounce per body weight per day, double for kittens. Willow is four years old and weighs about fourteen pounds and needs to lose a pound or two, Gizmo is six months old and weighs about four pounds. He's growing like a weed and is just getting into that leggy 'teenager' growth spurt. I think he's going to turn into a pretty good sized adult, because he has big feet (not due to extra toes, either).

At the recommended serving, that seems like a lot of food. Two cans a day for Gizmo, and almost four for Willow. I gave them each a 3.5 ounce can for dinner, and neither of them ate more than a quarter of what they were given. Willow is a nibbler, though. She'll eat a few bites and then walk away and come back later. Gizmo is more of a pig, but will also leave and come back for more. I have to feed them the same food, because for some reason Gizmo always likes what Willow is eating better than his own food. At feeding time he'll eat his food until she walks off, then switch to her bowl and snarf it all up. She just comes back and eats out of his bowl later, so it works out.

Willow had a UTI back in January of 07, but it responded well to antibiotics and hasn't returned. I've heard that male cats tend to have more serious urinary issues than females, so I don't want Gizmo's diet to make him sick.

Good quality wet food is expensive, though. Especially if those numbers are accurate. That's like $7 a day for two cats. Are there any advantages of going all wet over the 50/50 mix? Also, how long should I leave out the food before spoiling becomes a problem?
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You have to take what the can says sort of with a grain of salt. Assumingly a cat should eat .5 to 1 oz of wet food per pound of cat. My boys both weigh about 9.5 lbs neither would ever consume more than 5.5 or 6 oz of wet a day, given the opportunity--which they aren't because we do 50/50.

Do you free feed dry or on a schedule? If offered dry food at all times they will just pick at the wet, because they aren't hungry. I'd start a schedule of two to three feedings a day, first start with just dry then replace a feeding or two with wet. If you're on a schedule and they still pick at the wet you may want to try a different brand, flavor or style--pate, chunks in gravy etc

All wet is better, but 50/50 tends to work better for some human lifestyles. You have to do what is best for you. My only option for a cat sitter is my mom who isn't a cat fan. So its easier, less time consuming when I'm out of town for her to offer dry food once a day--instead of our two feedings one dry one wet. I want the boys to accept dry food so it remains part of their diet.

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I agree with what Jack says. Cats like humans burrn calories diffeently so I do not pay attention to ecommended amounts to feed. I kind of let my cats decide and if adjustments would be needed then I wouyld adjust. My cats seem to egulate themselves well and do not have weight problems
All wet for me is the only way to go. Dry is not allowed near my house and I free feed.
I also find the better the quality the less they will eat.
Best of luck
If you are feeding wellness, you can call the comapany each month and they will send coupons each month
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Leslie said it well...

I actually suggest calling all companies , many give coupons but only if you ask
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