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A few horsey pics...

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Went out and enjoyed a gorgeous fall day today...Didn't actually ride much...more so played with Pride and introduced Siri to 'riding' with me...tehehe...

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Love it!!!

I am so jealous of you and Pride

I cant wait until I am riding Dancer!!
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EEK!!! You have the saddle I want!!!! I'm hoping to get a pink one for Christmas!!!! I've dropped a TON of hints

Great pictures! My horse would freak if I did that.....plus she has a problems with standing still
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oh I loooooove the saddle!

Mikki's color is green, so it would go perfect with all her equipment. Too bad another saddle isn't in the budget right now, I just got us a new barrel saddle a little while ago

And too bad none of the horses I ride would stand still long enough to do that it looks like tons of fun though!
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Thanks for the saddle compliments! I bought it last year, because it would actually fit his high withers!Lol! I had other saddles, but none of them fit him well.

I've worked hard to get him to stand still...trust me, not one of his strong points...tehehe. It's not that he's nervous or anything, he just wants to go riding...Lol!

If you all have issues with standing still, just make not standing still 'difficult'...When you get on (or have asked them to stop), and they start off without your cue, grab one rein and swing them into a circle. Keep leg pressure off, and let him circle until he stops, then work the other side. If after doing these repetitively for a while, put them into a working trot in both directions, and only take the pressure off of them when you want to stop and relax; if they move once you have asked them to stop, put them back into the circles. Help them figure out that unless you ask them to, they need to stand still; by making not standing still hard work, they will begin to look forward to you allowing them to stop!
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He`s gorgeous! That does make me miss riding.
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Pride is so cute!

Monty would have an absolute fit if I stood on him! he has one when I'm not even sat on him, so God knows what he'd do if I did that!!!
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