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Ming Loy has a lump in her neck/jaw

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Ming Loy has a lump that doesn't seem to be attached to anything on the right side of her neck just at the jaw. It wasn't there yesterday. It is a little smaller than a nickle in diameter and not very thick. It doesn't hurt her at all. We can't find anything on her skin or in her mouth that would make us think "abscess." She's eating normally, playing normally, and wants pets like normal. We discovered it about two hours ago, and it doesn't seem to be getting larger (so far ).

Obviously we're taking her to the vet first thing in the morning. It didn't seem like an emergency vet kind of thing.

Any thoughts? Waiting until tomorrow to see the vet OK?

(Tomorrow's "normal" vet is 10 minutes away, e-vet is 45 minutes away, and of all our cats, Ming Loy stresses the most).

Normally we freak out about stuff like this and would rush to the e-vet, but it doesn't hurt her at all.

We're also hoping someone may have some idea about what this might be?

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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prayers ... but likely it is just a fat cyst
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Thanks, Jen. And what happens? Is it something that needs to be removed?

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some vets say yes remove others are more the watch if anything changes
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Thanks again.

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Gary has a doc appt at noon about 45 min away from us, so Ming Loy is now scheduled to see her doc at 3:00pm.

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I hope everything is ok.
Meeko had one on her stomach years ago and its gone now.
It was fat.
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Well that was weird. Doc felt the lump, said it did not feel like a fat cyst. Could be a blocked salivary gland, but didn't feel like it - wasn't sure. Best thing to do was stick a needle in it to find out what it is.

Was like bloody serum. Don't know what it is. Put it on a slide, get blood work - leave Ming Loy, she's scheduled for surgery tomorrow (unless data comes back saying she doesn't need it). But looks like, right now, at the very least they want to biopsy a piece of it, if not remove it.

We weren't prepared for that one. So Ming Loy is at the vet right now, and we didn't have anything to leave with her. No bed, no comforting smells. Poor baby girl.

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That poor cat.
I hope everything turns out well.
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Awwww, Bless her Many vibes everything turns out ok
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Thanks. We're trying not to be really worried.

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Poor Ming Loy!

I hope the sweet girl is OK. for her and for you and Gary!!
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Sending mega healing vibes for Ming Loy I hope it isn't anything serious.
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Aww, poor Ming Loy. I'll be thinking of her (& you guys!) and sending good energy your way.
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I'll be sending vibes her way and your way. I hope it turns out to be nothing serious.
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Fingers crossed
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Thank you so much, everyone.

It's been a really trying day. Ming Loy did not have surgery, and she did not come home. Results from the stuff removed from her neck will not be back until tomorrow, and the vet did not want us to bring her home. He knows us, and he knows our kitties (one has a suppressed immune system and is very susceptible to infection/disease). We debated as to whether to bring her home anyway, but we finally we decided, either we trust our vet or we don't (and we know ALL the vets around here because of our rescue work).

So poor baby Ming Loy is still at the hospital. We did bring her bed and a stinky t-shirt, but this waiting really sucks.

to you all,

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Awww. I'm sorry she didn't get to come home Sounds like it is best, though. for Ming Loy
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Sending more & your way!
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how┬┤s she today?...
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Sending Prayers and for little Ming Loy
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Thank you all!

Ming Loy came home last night!

It is nothing serious (at least we're pretty sure). She didn't need surgery. Turns out the tests indicated the stuff in the cyst was blood and lymph material - so either an infection, or a hemotoma-like thing, probably caused by her falling onto something (she was born with cerebellar hypoplasia). Can't think (or find) anything she could have fallen on that would cause a bruise on her neck like that, but either way, the decision was to put her on antibiotics for 10 days and keep an eye on the lump.

Thank you all for the vibes - looks like they worked!

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I am glad she didnt need surgery and came home.
You must have missed her alot.
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I am so glad it doesn't seem anythign too serious and fingers crossed for the ab's to do their job
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Just curious--do you have a video of Ming Loy? How bad is her CH? I've never seen one come in our shelter, and I want to be prepared to stick up for it if it ever happens.
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It is good it doesn't hurt, I hope there is nothing seriously wrong.
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