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Palin's foreign policy experience  

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Sarah Palin recieved a prank call from two canadian comedians. The prank was arguably mean-spirited but it showed how she would talk on the phone to the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

I am concerned about both candidates platforms but Colin Powell articulated well one of the reasons why I cannot vote for McCain/Palin. She is obviously not ready for the international stage. She sounds like a star struck teenager. The call is almost painful to listen to but here it is on youtube.

Here is the transcript

At first I thought it was a fake but the Palin camp came out with a statement acknowledging it was real.
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toss them in jail,
and we already know what obama response would.
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Receiving a phone call you're expecting, and a receiving a phone call out of the blue from someone you had no idea would be calling are different. I've had relatives call that I wasn't expecting, and got flustered. She isn't president, or vice president so I'm sure she wouldn't be expecting a call from the President of France. I listened to it, and think she handled herself fine under the circumstances. Some questions obviously uncomfortable but I think she dealt with them well. I mean, honestly, what do you think the President of France tells you his wife is good in bed the first time you talk to him on the phone??

I don't think this shows in any way how she would deal with real diplomatic issues and relations. She was completely respectful and very "real" (which is refreshing for me for a candidate in Washington) until the conversation started getting weird.

Now, he secretary, or receptionist, or whoever answered the phone definitely DOES need to be trained more.
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It is now being reported she was expecting the call. Seems the last four days have been working on setting up this prank. This is why she said thank you so much for taking a few minutes to talk with me. The pranksters are going to be on the Today show tomorrow morning so more on the prep work will come out.

I don't know if this makes her replies worse or better. If she really thought it was Sarkozy I would think it would be very difficult to are being really offensive Mr President. However, as VP she should be able to put someone who has erroneous assumptions in their place. There were several parts where she should have corrected his misunderstandings, President of France or not, prank or not.

The beginning giggling and talking to the staffer while waiting for him to come to the phone was unprofessional IMO.

The fact she didn't know who the prime Minister of Canada was even though she has supposedly done work with him in the past as Governor of Alaska looks bad.

I think it is pretty scary that her staffers would be so inept that they allowed her to be set up like that no matter how she handled it. How could they allow that kind of access to her? Palin never should have been put in such a position.
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I heard the entire phone call...

It was a knee slapper.
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One of the most ignorant, sexist, and elitist comments I've heard in this whole campaign came from some Obama campaign pundit soon after Palin was selected. It was pointed out that while he had a good handle on domestic affairs, Bill Clinton was described by his own staff as "clueless" about foreign affairs, and had only been governor of a small, backward southern state.

"That's true, but he'd been educated at first-rate eastern colleges, so he didn't have much trouble picking it up," said the pundit.

Even the newspeople who heard it were a little aghast.
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I don't think any politician would be ready for a call like they do, they have done the same to our own Prime Minister and take delight in prank calls like this.

I remember when they prank called President Sarkozy and everyone said he wasn't ready to be President either - his come back was that not one person is ready to be President because each and every day will bring new challenges that you have to grow for, that is why you have aides and policy advisors - because you can never think of everything as one man.
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I've been reading up on these guys. Apparently, Palin isn't the only person they've done this to. Queen Elizabeth and the former President of France Jacques Chirac are among the most notable.
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