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I am switching foods and I need some opinions!!

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I am switching foods and I am down to either Natural Balance,taste of the wild, or California Naturals?Which is more healthy?( as far as dry foods go)and which one are picky cats more likely to eat?we tried blue spa and Royal Canin as well as a few others and they will like it at first them lose interest!!I also feed wet 2 times daily (they get about 6oz of wet each daily) I just leave the dry out for them to nibble.
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how old are they ... energy levels ... what is your $$ for cat food ... how long before they tire ??
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My cats LOVE Taste Of The Wild. They are not big Fans of Nutro (sorry haven't tried the other brands you have listed).
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I know this isnt on your list, but I recetly switched to Wellness and couldn't be happier! I am already seeing a definite change in my cats. I was feeding them Blue Buffalo before and just wasnt happy with it. Ya, the ingredients and all that stuff was good. Its a good company, but I just wasnt seeing the results in the cats themselves. Since I've switched to Wellness there is definitely less shedding, their coats are soft and shiny and they just look better overall. One of my kitties is starting to slim down and tone up. She is/was a real butterball lol.

Just thought I'd throw it out there for you..........
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I used Royal Canin for a time, but stopped for some reason (can't remember why, though! ). Natural Balance is supposed to be pretty good; my dog enjoyed it, although I don't believe I ever tried the cat food. My late Casey loved Fancy Feast dry (and wet) for most of his life. He preferred the wet, but did eat the dry when the spirit moved him. I tried different brands every so often, but he really liked his "tried and true", so I never pushed it.
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2 of the kittens are 7 months and 2 are 5 months old, the older 2 have alot of energy but not as much as the younger 3 who have too muc energy!!lol they tired really quickly as in maybe 3 to 4 weeks, they wouldn't eat it any more! and the blue buffalo they didn't really like at all??I am looking to spend ( this is just for the dry) about along the lines of the 3 I am choosing between which is for a 15 to 16 lb bad between 25 and 35 dollars.Thanks so much for all the replies.
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try taste of the wild ... IMHO you may want to continually mix 2 food s to help avoid bordom
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I usually mix 2 (or 3) foods and they seem to like the variety. One will be the same food each time, then when the mix runs out, I mix in a new one for the 2nd food. Mine like both Taste of the Wild and California Natural.
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if you email Taste of the Wild they will mail you samples. I'm hoping mine come today!!

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Thanks everyone!I guess I will try taste of the wild as well as wellness core!thanks again for all the advice.
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