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Sick cat can you please help?

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Hey everyone first post

Spencer is 4 and he's developed sever allergies to something. we think it might be fleas so we have taken hours and spend hundreds ridding our house of fleas. we have not seen a single flea on any of our 3 cats for several months.

he has hair loss, scabs, and cries out in pain. our vet has been giving him a steroid shot which has now stopped working as well. advantage stopped working on him months ago.

We don't know what else we can do for him. switched foods many times, all three cats are indoor only, we really don't know what to do. please help
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Welome to TCS! ....and, sorry you haven't had a reply till now.

If I were you and, if I felt I had exhausted all of that Vet's expertise, I would be looking for a second opinion - from a competent Veterinarian.

I think my first choice would be a holistic Veterinarian - if you're interested, you could look here.

If there's a cat-only clinic near you, that might be my next recommendation. If not, prhaps there will be a Veterinarian listed on this site of Vets recommended by cat "owners" whom you might consider.
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I agree it may be time for a holistic or a holistic minded vet ... the list given is a start but most are found by word of mouth
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First off, look for a holistic vet. Secondly, have you tried a raw diet? That might work best. Research here on the site for raw diet and you'll find lots of information. Third, for allergies, my vet recommends up to 1/2 tablet daily of Claritin (or the generic equivalent). We give 1/4 pill twice daily when symptoms are really bad.

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I have the same problem with mine, Cinnamon is highly allergic to fleas, the Vet said all she needs is one bite to start her with the hot spots and lossing her fur. The Vet said there was nothing much left to do for her except steroid shots. She gets so bad that I'm picking up her fur from the floor from the window sills, its terrible. I try to get the Frontline on in time but sometimes it isn't soon enough, she is an indoor only cat too, so I guess they come in on shoes and things. I read about Evening Primrose capsules for problems with the skin in cats and I figured I had nothing to lose. I break open a capsule over her wet food and in a couple of weeks when she gets a build up of it in her system, her skin starts healing and fur grows back beautifully. I'm not a person who likes to give a lot of supplements and medicines, but I didn't know what else to do for her she was suffering. I couldn't believe the marked improvement.
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Coco is the same way.
If she gets one flea she is a mess.
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I would consider feeding a grain free canned cat food
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