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Well, I have been trying to find something else out there that would be better than my pet flow water thing I have now (the one with the ramp). I like it a lot and so do the cats, but it's a PITA to keep clean and the filter prices are absurd. Some may say don't use filters, but I use them to help filter out hair and other particulates out of the water.

The casts also have access to the Le Bistro water stations through out the house. They are the dogs, but there is also a cat one. For some reason the cats like drinking from the dog water dishes too.

Is there another alternative that does not use electric/filters that keeps the water clean? I have a feeling I will need a pump to achieve what I want. Well, what about re-usable filters so I can save on that aspect?

Looking for some suggestions. Much appreciated! My cats are not picky