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I have been so worried about Rupert. He seems to be losing weight. I can feel his backbone when I pet him. He also seems very lethargic. Always laying around. He has been eating and drinking ok. I think he may be a little constipated because his stools are very dry and hard. He drinks a lot of water. He is only just over 1 year old and has been sickly since I got him. A while ago, my vet was suspicious of FIP because his blood test came back positive. But I refused to believe it because a positive test just means that he has been exposed to the virus, which is posible because I rescued him from an organization and he was living with other foster kittens. He was sick when I brought him home. He had terrible dirraeah and tape worms. I've been feeding him Nutro Natural Choice cat food. Right now he is laying on my lap. He is so light. I am going to call the vet tomorrow. I am so worried about him. I love him so much.
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did your vet check Rupert's kidney function tests, Creatinine, BUN, and urine specific gravity? All the things you are saying about Rupert really fit with kidney disease, which can be managed successfully for a long time. The only thing that doesn't fit is he is so young.
I wonder if he has some kind of birth defect that may be imparing kidney function?

Sending lots of that it isn't FIP. There are quite a few members that have dealt with FIP in the past 6 months. Hopefully they will post or you can search for some older posts. It might help to see if their symptoms match Rupert's.

He sure is a beautiful boy.
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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
did your vet check Rupert's kidney function tests, Creatinine, BUN, and urine specific gravity?
How does the vet do those tests?
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What you say your cat is doing is what Coco does and she has kidney failure.
The tests are blood tests.
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I really think that Rupert has asthma too. He just had an asthma attack on my lap. He is now swallowing hard.
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when I put my ear upto his breathing, I can hear him wheezing. I am so worried about him!!!!
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I know alot about Asthma.
Coco has Asthma and has a inhaler for it.
I would try to go to er tonight instead of waiting before he gets real bad.
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I took Rupert to the vet today. He had x-rays done and blood taken. I will know the blood test results tomorrow. The x-ray showed some fluid in his lungs, although his breathing sounded fine. They also showed an enlarged liver. The doctor is concerned about his weight loss and suspects something serious. He didn't even give me any medication...he want to see what the blood test shows. I have been crying on and off all afternoon.
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hope he will be ok.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Rupert. I'll pray it is nothing majorly wrong with the sweet boy.
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Many many Prayers and for Rupert
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Sending plenty of prayers and for you and Rupert.
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Fingers crossed it is nothing too serious
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