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What've you taught your kitties?

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For those of you who've trained your kitties to do various things, what've you taught them?

So far, Niko sits when I ask him to, both by verbal 'sit' and a hand gesture (index finger held up, I found it easier to get his attention that way). It was the first command I taught him and I swear, he picked it up so fast, I was amazed. Maybe 10-15 minutes, and he had it down. The rest of the day he followed me around the house- I'd be walking somewhere, he'd meow to get my attention, and when I'd turn around he'd sit immediately down as if to say, "See? I'm sitting.. now gimme another one of those chicken treat things."

For laying down, however, it wasn't as easy. For some reason, 'down' didn't work. I used the same method I did with sit, but to no avail. I thought maybe I was pushing my luck, and should just be happy he'll sit for me. Then one day, I tried something else on a whim; I told him to 'get comfy' ... and he did! I guess it's all in how ya ask.
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That is so adorable! I have managed to get Chandler Ray to sit when I'm putting food down, no one else listens though. Other than that, I've just gone with what they do naturally. Lilly-Rose likes to reach up on the wall on the stairs, stretch out one front paw, while leaning back. I call it ballerina and she will usually go to the stairs when I say "do ballerina" Lilly-Rose. Sometimes even for company.
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Maia knows "Want to go outside?", she runs to the back door if she wants to. She knows "Down", "Stay", "Out", the basic kitty respects but very good!
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aww that's sweet! My cats don't really do anything on fat chance at that Cloudo will play fetch with you though! He loves to play fetch with hair ties. He gets very excited. Sometimes he gets so excited that he drops the hair tie half-way to me Then he just looks at me like "why aren't you throwing it yet?" (I don't have it, Cloudo...)
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I am kind of mad I did not bother to teach boys more when they first came to us because they seemed to be pretty keen. Now they have grown way more resistant and our newest boys certainly is quite a knucklehead. I have not really taught any tricks but these are the commands my boys know.

Our boys know the sit command too. I taught it in context of “sit down to eat†so sometimes they won’t unless it’s about eating, LOL. They do not get their cups until they sit, so it’s pretty ingrained.

They also know “want to go out for a walkâ€. They know which door to go to (back door only!), and that they will take turns, the one who gets the harness is the only one allowed out. “Who wants to go to the cage†is a different door to line up to. They know “wait†(and boy do they stare when they wait!!) Usually, they will only wait for good things like food and DaBird though. “Who wants to play with Birdie†means they will go sit in front of a particular closet.

Also, “look out of the window†works but only in certain rooms. It sends them running to the window sill. Even our newest boy has learnt “Get out†and will come out of room, so we can close the door. He does not know “Mine†though like his brothers – like when they are about to lick butter from my sandwich on the couch and I shriek “MINEâ€.
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I've taught my Ocicat Sadie these commands: sit, stay, down, fetch (ok, she taught me that one), speak, kiss, and give hugs.
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Mine all know stay, come, fetch and stand (on the scale). We are working on sit at the moment.
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Mine know a range of things which never fail to bring a smile to my face with their understanding (to varying degrees between the 3 of them!):

Stay - don't move
Come - come (they each respond to their own name)
Go get it - bring back whatever I have thrown for you (Sonic is the master of this one!)
Take it to Nate/Go to Nate - take your toy to Nate (my husband) to throw for you.
Bring it here - bring your toy a bit closer if you want me to throw it again!
Din Dins - I am serving up food
Where does it go? - they run to their feeding place waiting for their bowls of food
Treat - treat (I get stampeded by cats!!!)
Want a cuddle? (often responded to in the positive!)
Time for bed (they follow me to bed)
NO! - They all understand this, they don't always respect my wishes
No-scratchy-scratchy - don't scratch that (works 99% of the time!)

Radar understands "In the carrier" and will often get into the cat carrier just because I have asked him to - other times he recognises the words and knows he can turn it into a game of chase, but he is usually quite good - and there is absolutely no doubt that he knows what the words mean But most of the time he enjoys a journey somewhere, so will hop straight in

And Sonic in particular has one very special one that I have inadvertantly trained him to do (or he has trained me to do!) - when I say "kiss kiss", he either (depending on his mood at the time) a) holds the top of his head up for me to kiss or b) headbuts me full on in the face nearly breaking my nose
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