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Cats and brushing teeth

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Everytime I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth, both Rocky and Fluffy get on each end of the sink and watch me with amazement..They don't even try to get the water that I leave running in the sink...I get close to them while I am brusing and they just sniff like crazy...when I get my camera, i will have steve snap a few pics of it..its just adorable..
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Aren't cats crazy at times? My cats have never done that before, but there are times where Echo will get right in my face and sniff me. She sniff my eyelashes, then my nose and then she goes right for my mouth. I love my cats and all...but no open mouth kisses! *lol*
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Jamie loves to watch me brush my teeth and put on makeup. He drapes himself around my neck in the morning when I'm getting ready, so he doesn't miss anything. Ever try to put on makeup with a 13-lb. cat slung across your shoulders?
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Kathy.. sounds darling!

Michelle, i smiled when you said no open mouth kisses.. that is funny!

Jcat... you obviously have a wonderful sense of humor.. i would LOVE to see a pix of your baby around your neck.. so close to mommy!!

i use an electric toothbrush. Venus can't hear, so she just stares and stares whenever i brush my teeth, wondering what i am doing?

Daisy, on the other hand, gets kinda curious, but does not respond much. She just gazes at me with longing eyes. why, i have no clue?

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