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I'm so very sorry, you are all in my Prayers.
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I've been following this thread....and not pleased. I wish there was more you could do - but the fact that they've had some time in a loving home with you before going over the Rainbow Bridge means more than you know.
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Thanks, although not quite sure why you say you are not pleased, not all rescues would agree to keep a terminally ill cat for 2.5 months until they start to decline, and this decision hasn't been made lightly. I hope I have timed it right so he can go while he still has some dignity though.

Just need to figure out why Jeannie is off her food now, and pray that it is something that can be sorted, and not just because she has had enough of life.
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Jeannies final visit is going to be this Sat, his yowling is getting worse and his back legs really weren't good last night. The rescue were very nice though, they didn't expect him to come back from his first vet visit, and then when he had his bed wetting accidents we thought it was the start of the end, so to have just over 3 months is more than any of us expected, and it is better for him to go now, even if it is a week or so too early, than wait for his arthritis/yowling to get worse. I was on the phone to them for 20 mins, and he had at least 4 yowling episodes in that time - he does seem worse if I am in the kitchen, I wonder if the light being on disturbs him?
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I am so so sorry, my Prayers go out to Jeannie and to you.
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Thank you - the app has been made for SAt dinnertime.
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I can't begin to tell you how badly I feel, I'm crying myself and I didn't even know the little one personally, so I can only imagine how YOU feel. My very very heartfelt Prayers go out to Jeannie and you. He knew a home and love and thats a lot to have at the end of these little guys lives.
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Thanks - it certainly hasnt been an easy decision, but his back legs are getting worse and I can't seem to find any reason for his yowling, so maybe he is doing it to tell me that he has had enough.
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BIG all around
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Well, it looks like I got the timing sort of right - Jeannie's legs are very weak tonight, he is struggling to walk - have given him a dose of Metacam, and waiting for the rescue to ring to see if they can pick him up tomorrow rather than make him wait till SAt (unfortunately I can't get out of work tomorrow, we have a major deadline and my colleague ended up in hospital last night) - I so wanted to do it before his legs got too bad though. Despite the fact he is struggling to walk, he is still eating, bless him. Spoken to the rescue - we are going to see how he goes overnight, and if needs be, I will have to come home after my deadline and meet them for them to take him.
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Thanks - I met the rescue at lunch yesterday, and was in tears handing him over, i dont like not being the one there at the end, and this evening has been really hard, he isn't here, but the emotions are different as I wasn't there at the end. I did get a text at 3 to say that the vet had agreed it was time, and they had stayed with him. The house is so quiet tonight, that is both loud disabled cats gone within a month of each other - I was convinced that jeannie would be the first to go though.
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I am so sorry. You and the rescue did more for him than alot of people would and gave him love and warmth till the end.

Rest in peace, Jeannie
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I'm so so sorry. Many Prayers for you.
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Thanks very much, it means a lot.
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