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I think you really are doing a wonderful thing giving these two poor mites the quality of life they deserve. You must be beside yourself with worry, i can only imagine as i get totally worried over the smallest problem with my cat and i am lucky he is in good health. You should feel extremly proud of yourself, as what you are doing is not easy but it makes all the difference to the lives of the cats that other people have selfishly given up on. My thoughts are with you all, give them a cuddle from me.
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Thanks - I spoke to the rescue for the first time since getting Norman and mentioned how bad his results were - she had already been told, and her response to the vet was that even if he can only have a few months of happiness, he deserves it than letting him go now, we are going to redo them in a few months to see if they are any better, and my vet is looking at them tomorrow for me. So, I have inadvertantly agreed to 2 cats that quite possibly wont have more than a few months. There goes my chances of not going through the loss of any cats next year (my own cats are 16 and 18.5 though, so might have been optimistic anyway!!) I would so love a year where I didn't have to lose at least one cat though, think the only way that will happen is if I stop taking in oldies, and I Can't do that, there are precious few people who take them in, at least this way a few will get teh chance of a home life to end up in, so I know I do a good thing for them, even if it is hard at times for me.
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My most sincerest Prayers that you are given the strength and courage to go on with this noblest of causes.
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Thank you - I do have a good support network, so hopefully that will be enough to help me continue helping cats like these. Vet is looking over the blood results this pm, although I have just done a bit of research, and they really are indicative of liver problems - I have had cats with liver problems though, so not too fazed by that, I think I prefer them to kidney issues. Some of his others could be that he had such a bad mouth, so they might look a bit better in a few months. I do need to try and keep my cat numbers down now, as these needs lots of time and TLC.

Both cats have dodgy tums still, but they are both on a/b's, so not overly worried, although neither can really afford it.
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Your posts made me cry! Bless you for taking on these two pitilful babies!
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Vet has said that we can't rehome him, he definitely has liver issues and she is concerned over his white blood count and urine as well - FIV, FeLV, FIP were mentioned, but it doesnt look like they tested for anything like that. Like me, she was amazed that they did a dental, but as he is still alive, it is a good sign!! Just need to see how he gets on, but as i suspected, it is going to be hard for him to gain weight with the liver issues, and he might have chronic diarrhea due to it, in which case we might need to evaluate again. I am not convinced he will still be here in 3 months to retest, but we will have to see how he gets on.
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Here is a product I use on my cats all the time. Although I got it from my vet, you don't need a prescription for it. It looks specifically designed for cats like Norman and Jeannie. It certainly couldn't hurt. What an awesome thing you are doing.


Use Prozyme as a food supplement to enhance the caloric and nutritional efficiency of food. ProzymeÆ is especially helpful for all geriatric pets.

What does Prozyme help?
Skin problems, dry or scaly hair coat, digestive disorders, weight problems, hairballs, excessive shedding, flatulence.
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Thanks - I wonder if that would be available in the UK? Norman's poo seemed fine this morning, so the natural yoghurt helped, but Jeannie isn't right yet - although she is on different ab's which are twice a day rather than once and I had to change her food as she didn't like what the rescue gave me.
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I don't know but here is the link to a free sample. You have to pay shipping but they obviously ship to you. Listed under contact on top is there phone number and email address.

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We had a bad day yesterday, she has weed in the bed again (despite the fact the litter tray had been used) and to show me, she slept in the litter tray (I had just cleaned it fortunately), then when I moved her from there, she slept on the floor instead. She has also gone back to slumping staring at the floor, and i am not sure if it is due to her ear mites or whether she is just completely fed up with life, as she can't see or hear anything, doesn't respond to catnip, and sometimes has to be shown where the food is so her sense of smell isn't that great. Just need to speak to the rescue now.
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Poor little love. Prayers and for you both. Keep us posted
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We are going to try another course of ab's for Jeannies ears, and see how she goes on, but i have warned the rescue that while I want to give her a good Christmas, I dont know how much longer she will have after then, as she doesn't respond to anything like catnip or honeysuckle, and can't see and hear. Hopefully if we can get these ears sorted, she will seem happier in herself though, and is more than welcome to potter round.

I have also said similar to my rescue over Norman, I am going to get him weighed again in the next few weeks (he was only weighed a week and a few days ago), and if it turns out that despite eating 6 pouches a day he isn't putting much weight on he wont have long after Christmas either, as to me it is an indication that his liver issues are too serious. If you look on the last pic, you can see a 'ridge' part way down his back - that is actually the end of his rib cage, as he has hardly any flesh over his bones. He did look on the thin side when I took those (well, thinner than normal for him!!). I would guess he is probably half what he should weigh.

So i think these two need some serious vibes, as I dont want to lose another two close together

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Sending lots of vibes for Jeannie and Norman.
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I'm sorry you go through this over & over.....but just don't forget they wouldn't have had a chance without you. I'm always a PM away. & for a wonderful Christmas with both.
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Thanks, I hope I can get a good Christmas, and hopefully help Jeannie have more time, Norman is on borrowed time with his health results.
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I hope you all get a good Christmas also. Best wishes and many Prayers
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Thanks, have had another bad day, I moved one of the two beds she used and it was damp - it was fine when I sat on it last night though, so within the last 12 hours, but the litter tray is also well used. She would rather starve than take arthritis meds though, and I am not prepared to syringe it into her, as she can't see or hear me, poor thing already has to put up with her ears being cleaned, and I can't comfort her more than a stroke and some nice food, she hates being cuddled. She also had 10 mins of sitting yowling while staring at the floor, so I dont know what we are going to do next, but a heartbreaking night.
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I'm so sorry you're both going through such a hard time right now. Its such a hard situation. I wish I had the words to comfort more, except to say, you are all still in my Prayers.
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Thanks - Normy has had a really good night, came into the front room and jumped on the sofa to get on my knee, which was lovely, he doesn't normally sit on my knee when I am in the kitchen with them, but I popped him on my knee last night and he loved it. I just wonder if Jeannie has had enough, but hard to make a call when there is no obvious medical reason.
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I'm happy to hear Norman is content and happy. He can tell how much you care and love him and he loves you too. Poor Jeannie, at least you know that shes in a place where she's being cared for and she knows what your trying to do for her, I really believe that. More Prayers and
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Thanks - he certainly is, despite technically being the poorliest of the two!!
Have spoken to the rescue and they agree that it is quality not quantity with her, and I just can't work out if she has a good quality of life, or if I am just expecting too much. Just had a friend on the phone who has convinced me that my idea of taking her to get the vets decision on how she is is the way to go, and has kindly offered to come with me and pay. So i will be booking her in for either Mon or Tues and up to the vet, I will go along with her decision (although I suspect I know what it will be). The important thing, whether the decision is made this week or not, is that she has spent her last few weeks in a home environment, although I would naturally like it to be longer.
I have also acquired a new foster this week, he was picked up last week as a 7mo, but a vet visit showed him to be a 12yo with possible health issues, so I offered to take him as his original fosterer finds oldies too heartbreaking, and I have the quieter household, which will be better for him. he is a little sweetie though, lovely tabby and white who adores being held and cuddled, so will help me, none of hte others really like that, although Normy will tolerate it for a while.
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I've just read through this thread now, and I am so touched by what you go through to help these poor cats. Bless you for caring for them and giving them a good home. Even if it is only for a short while, at least they now know the meaning of human love and kindness. Thank you for all you do for the cats who are lucky enough to meet you.
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Thanks - this year has been exceptionally hard for oldies, I have already lost 2, one to CRF and one to cancer, but at least all of these have got a home environment, and that is the most important thing.
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I don't know how you do it, but am sending and that things work out for Jeannie and Norman, and that you have a very good Christmas.
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I don't either at times, have never had so many poorly cats at one time, although fortunately only one of them acts poorly. We have had a really good day, which is making me think it isn't her time yet, and I might just pop her to the rescue's vet at some point for her ears to be checked, and if htey have any idea on why she wee's so much when her kidney's liver and glucose levels are all fine.
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Norman had his monthly weigh in today, but he has lost the 200g that he put on last month, so he is booked in to see the vet next week, but i do think it will be his final visit, I have always said that when he starts losing weight, that will be it. He has had 2 months here, and the vet didn't think he had 3 months left, so i knew we were coming close. IT is a shame though, as he is so perky, he keeps trying to get out of the front door, and happily sits with you, but his eating has been worrying me, and he missed the tray earlier, and when I cleaned it up, it didn't even look like wee, there is practically no colour to it at all. I do think his kidneys are getting a bit worse, as if i dont give him some food in gravy every day, he has constipation, which with the amount of wet food he eats and the fact he drinks a lot of water, shouldn't happen.

Jeannie is still pottering, although she has had a bad week with getting confused, you find her sat in the middle of the floor yowling at it, she obviously has no idea how she got there, or how to get back to her bed. I dont know how much longer she has, but she is still eating well and is letting me pick her up and sit on my knee, so she is getting some enjoyment.
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Thanks for the update. I have been wondering how Norman and Jeannie are doing. I'm so sorry to hear about Norman, he's always in my Prayers. I'm glad Jeannie isn't doing too badly. Your giving them both so much love. My Prayers are for you as well.
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Thanks - it will be Norman's last visit - he has weed in teh house twice today, and I did find an odd wet patch on Thurs that I couldnt work out - it makes sense now, as his urine has practically no colour and smell to it. Such a shame, as he acts fine, but if his urine is practically water and he is losing weight, then I Can't continue to keep him going till he stops eating, it isn't fair on him.

Jeannie has had another bad day, she was yowling while walking to her safe spot earlier - wandered all the way round the front room with no probs, but yowled as soon as she got in the kitchen. Her moments of confusion are definitely getting worse
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That is so sad

At least they got to be with you towards the end where they are looked after and loved
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Norman walked upstairs to poo on the bathroom carpet last night - no idea why, as all 3 of the downstairs litter trays were clean (although I dont think he knows about the one in the front room) - and then when I picked it up, he proceeded to yowl at me thinking I had something he could have in my hand, so i showed him what it was!! I can't believe how quickly this week is going, it is going to be his last night here tonight.
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