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Tips needed please - blind and deaf foster coming soon

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Not sure this is the right place, so if not, feel free to move

Well, as soon as I can place Oscar anyway!! My offer of swapping didn't go down well, so hopefully the vets friend will want him, I should know on Mon.

This little one was picked up by the rescue Zi is from 2 weeks ago, but they have cat flu at present, so they really dont have the space, but as they found her in the road on their way home, there was no option, she is living in a cage in a kitchen at the moment. She is either a black, or a faded tortie, I couldnt work out when I first met her (and no pics yet), vet just said she was very old. I am not sure how long she will have, I must be bonkers after already losing two cats this year!!

She did initially have a placement lined up for next week, but they had concerns in case the person's dogs were too much for her, so they asked me instead (I made a big fuss of her when I met her, I had to sit on the cold floor for half an hour cos I made the mistake of picking her up and putting her on my knee - she didnt want to move). She is going in the bathroom, as my stairs dont have backs, so it would be too risky for her to go near them, and as she is very old with no sight or hearing, I think it will be fine for her, she will have a nice bed in front of the radiator and everything close to her. She can find food, drink and litter tray with no problems, even though she had only been there about 24 hours when I met her.
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Not sure I can offer much advice - I know you know what you're doing.

Just always go slow - perhaps stomp the floor so you are sure she knows you are coming to prevent any "freak outs". Her nose will compensate greatly for loss of sight/hearing.
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I dont - have never had a blind or a deaf cat, so one that is both is a bit daunting to be honest!! I had backed off from offering to take her when I realised, but they asked, so I agreed!!
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I know that deaf cats (and dogs) can feel vibrations, because their other working senses pick up for the ones that are missing. Poor baby. And her sense of smell will pick up a lot for her, so that will help. I know there is a website that addresses these concerns for dogs; I will try and find it for you.
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Well, she is coming tonight, the vet gave me a book about blind cats last night, but I wont get much chance to read it, so might be a steep learning curve
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I used to look after my neighbours deaf cat. I found the best way of letting him know I was there, if he was asleep or had his back turned to me was to blow gently on the nape of his neck, very gently though.
Best Wishes
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Good luck & I'm always a PM away!!
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Well, she is here, and worse than I remember, I will be surprised if she has more than a few months (and sadly I am generally right), I will be getting some basic bloods done on her in the next couple of weeks, unless the vet wants more doing. She needs a good doing over, her fur is yucky and her claws are really long, she always walks with her head to one side, she did have really bad ears when she turned up, so it might just need more time to clear. She does have a good appetite, but is very thin, so I Am hoping it isn't a bad reason why she eats so well. She is very purry, but hates being picked up. she is either a black cat faded with age, or she has a fever coat, as she is a mix of black and brown bless her.
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Make sure you get her ears checked over again ASAP - sometimes the ear infection is a lingering one that'll keep popping up.
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I can't see anything in them, but she will be going to the vet next week (want to try and get her fur etc looking a bit better) - her ears aren't hot though, I keep checking that. I think she is arthritic as well, she wees standing up (she actually looks quite pitiful when she has a wee, as her head is always to one side, and she stands up)
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She is booked in for bloods this week rather than next, as her back legs seem quite weak, but I don't want to give her any arthritis meds without bloods. She is happily eating biscuits now, despite the fact she has shunned them previously, and apart from a bad day on Sun of not wanting to eat, she is doing well, she just keeps sitting in the kitchen staring at the floor. She is used to other cats around her though, so I am wondering if that is what she is missing, we have another blind and deaf cat coming in at the weekend, so i think I will put them together, Jeannie will have seen the vet by then, and the new one is at the vets at the moment being checked out
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I just wanted to say that you are such a good person for doing this, I really admire what you do. God bless you and many Prayers and for your kitties and you.
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Thanks - I personally think i am stupid at times!! If this new one comes at the weekend and our fosterer takes the 5yo for me, I will have 6 cats, and 5 of which will be over the age of 10, two classed as disabled, and fortunately my two just have a touch of arthritis, Kizzy has her own issues bless her, but they are behavioural not medical.
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Definitely not stupid, I'd call it "caring". Continued Prayers for you and your kitties.
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:-) The plan was to try and slow down the back end of the year, as I really do need a bit of a break, but that obviously isn't going to happen, although as I will only have 2 cats available for rehoming (I doubt we will advertise the blind and deaf cat), I am restricted on space.

Jeannie is having some bloods done tonight, I was hoping to give her longer to build her up, but she is weeing more and her legs do look very arthritic, so I dont want to give her anything without seeing what is going on first. Fingers crossed for her.
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Jeannie will be in my Prayers
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Thank you. As suspected the vet wasn't very positive, her thyroid feels a bit dodgy, and she is in agreement that if her organs are fine, it will be a miracle. She does seem to have earmites too (although in her 'good' ear), but we are holding off on that till we know what else is going on, we will know this afternoon, as they are in house basic tests. The vet wouldnt like to guess an age, just at the very youngest, 14, but I would put her a lot older. Her fur really is in poor condition, and she had a very frothy wee just before I left the house, and did drink a lot last night, so I will be amazed if her kidneys are fine. If the suspicions of kidney and thyroid issues are right, I wont be doing any treatment, just loving her for as long as possible. She hates being picked up and moved about (I assume due to being blind and deaf) and due to being deaf, she practically screams, so I couldnt put her through regular meds, and her back legs are very weak, vet found that out the hard way last night when she did smoething and Jeannie ended up lying on the table as her legs didn't support her, and they were worse after the appointment, so unless we can do something about that, it isn't fair. Will have to have a long talk with the rescue over this tonight.
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Poor little Jeannie, she's lucky to have you, I'm in tears right now. Jeannie and you are always in my prayers. Please keep us updated.
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Well, me and the vet were gobsmacked by her test results - two things are very slightly high, but more indicative of inflammation/infection than anything else, so she is on a/b's for a week. Vet doesn't want her on MEtacam for her arthritis, so I have tried her on Molly's ArthriAid this morning and I need some more Seraquin for Zi, so will give her some of that when it arrives (wish I could get one thing they all like!!). So, it seems her poor fur, thinness, seemingly poor health is more neglect and she just needs lots of love and building up, which I am happy to do, especially now that we know there is nothing sinister (although of course tumours can't be ruled out, but there was no physical signs to indicate them). The poor girl to be dumped on the streets in such a state, but her luck has changed now and I am relieved that the week ended on such a positive note, especially as Thurs was such a bad day.

In 2 hours, I get to go and pick up the next blind and deaf cat, who apparently is a boy (am sure I got told it was a girl), think he is called George, and he has had bloods and a dental done this week, so at least no more worrying over health. He is a little tabby and white.

I am off work this week, so hopefully you will get to see pics!!
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I'm so happy things seem to be turning around. I believe where there is a lot of love good things happen. Good luck with your other kitty coming. Enjoy your vacation with them, and I can't wait to see the pictures.
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I'm not feeling quite as positive at the moment, she just keeps sitting staring at my floor, my neighbour popped in earlier, and he is the first person other than the vet to see her, and his first comment was 'she doesnt' look happy', and it just made me realise that at the moment she doesn't, and newbie (named Norman by the vets!!), is so much brighter than her, it has highlighed just how sad, tired and fed up she seems. Hopefully it is just whatever infection she has, and ab's might work. I am going to see how we get on in the next month, with building her up and if she doesn't seem any happier, pts will be discussed with the rescue, as she is pitiful to watch and I wonder what quality of life she has, although it is too soon to say for certain as she has only been here a week, but I think a month should be enough to decide.

Poor Norman is painfully thin, I dont like stroking past his shoulders cos his shoulders, spine, ribs and hips all stick out - his hips are the worst. He has really thin fur, and looks like he needs a good brush, but he doesn't have enough flesh, I am scared of hurting him. he can see certain things and is so different to her. He actually weighs 3.5kg even with being as thin as he is, so he must have been a really big cat in his heyday!! Vet reckons he is 12, he has had 8 teeth out this week, and I have a copy of his blood results - they didn't say anything about them, but about 12 things have asterisks for being either high/low, so will have to discuss that with my own vet and see what, if anything, we need to do. After that, I can decide whether rehoming is an option, although he needs a lot of building up, so it will be the New Year anyway, and I suspect the rescue would prefer to keep him here.
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A lot can happen for Jeannie in a month. She may start coming around and being brighter. Maybe if she's built up a bit it might make her feel stronger. and Norman, if he feels love he could also respond well to that and gain some weight, I will keep you all in my Prayers. Your doing such a great job for these little ones.
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Thanks, I do hope so, and if not, at least she will have ended her life in a loving home environment rather than on the streets, and that is the most important thing. The other worrying thing bout her is her weak back legs, it doesn't matter how good her organs are if she can't walk!! I think Norman will do well, although that depends on why there are all these levels on his bloods. He has apparently put weight on in the last week, and has eaten so much food since he came at lunch time it is unbelieveable, I probably should have restricted him a bit, but so far only Jeannie has been sick and he does desperately need some weight on him. He is so friendly, must have had a good home at some point. Thank you ever so much for the good wishes, they mean a lot
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Yes, no matter what happens, she will have known love, comfort, a feeling of security that she probably hasn't felt in her life, warmth and peace. All due to you. I'm glad to hear Norman is eating good, as long as he's not getting sick on his food, why not let him eat as much as he wants. Thats good news.
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He is such a greedy boy, he ate most of his pouch for breakfast, and every time you walk in, he yowls at you for more food. He had a very slightly loose tum overnight, but no way you could restrict his food anyway. He does drink a lot though, his Urea was slightly high, but his creatnine wasn't. Will have to see if the vet can decipher the results for me, there were 17 items that were either high or low.

JEannie has weed on her bed overnight though, so wonder if he bothers her - although they have just been stood next to each other with no sign of knowing he is there. One of my fosters is going to a new placement today, so I shall pop her in the bathroom and see if she is any happier in there.
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Pics - apologies for the slight overload!!

Jeannie first, asleep in her bed, you can see on her back end why I Couldnt work out if she was black or tortie

Then the mess her collar made

And finally one of her front on, showing her head on one side

Norman - can't get one of him showing how sunken he is in places, but you can see how poor his fur is

Side View

Face on

The pair of them eating

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They are so sweet, poor little loves, what little dolls they are, as the time goes by with good food and care their physical appearance will improve also. Keep up the good work.
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Thanks - looking at the pic of them together, Jeannie is looking shinier than a week ago, so hopefully all she needs is time.
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She reminds me, in a way, of my RB Damita.

Just give her some time.....age is a nightmare, but she might light up enough to have a few good weeks or months before she goes over the Rainbow Bridge. And poor Norman....I can't imagine letting a cat get that way.
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My aim is a month, although it is heartbreaking to watch her. She has a good appetite though, as long as it doesn't come out of the tin -guess what the rescue brought with her!! I might have to do a quick trip there to pick up some mushier food for her, as she doesn't have a lot of teeth left. She has a nice blanket in front of the washing machine now, she likes it there, although Norman has pinched the radiator, so might give her a heated pad. I dont think she will have that long, but even if I can only give her a good few months, at least the end of her life will have been nice. Norman is heartbreaking to feel and I dont even think the pics I posted show just how sunken his back end is, and I checked his blood results again - they tested 26 things, and only 9 weren't abnormal, yet he is so much brighter and better than she is, and her bloods were relatively fine. If I didn't have blood results though, I would be convinced he had kidney issues, I cannot believe how much he drinks, am sure it is more than Rosie (similar level in the bowl in a day, except his is a dog bowl, not a cat bowl). One thing that is concerning me is that his URea was slightly up, and if this is pre-anaesthetic, his kidneys could be worse now than on those results, although now he is 8 teeth down, some of his other levels should be lower.
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