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users of feliway - advice please

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Hey everyone,

My cat Cello is a neutered, 8 year old male siamese, and is a classic vocal boy, I've had him for about 1 and a half years. When I first got him the odd night he would get up meowing at 4-5 am, non-stop but I just ignored him and it was a pretty rare occurence.

Recently the night-time meows have been almost everynight, and I know many of you have been through the sleepless nights because of kitties because I've spent all night reading up on threads where people had the same problem!

i've tried all the classic things
- 100% ignoring (he just marches around the apartment meowing loudly if we don't give him attention - good or bad - in our room)
- feeding before bed
- long walk or play session and cuddles and attention before bed
- tiring him out ALL day
- in my house Cat's sleep with people. So i refuse to lock him out (I'd hear him anyways)

I think it's just become a habit that needs to be broken. I've never had to use feliway before but I've heard such amazing things about it I think this is what I'm going to try.... I read about it on a different website helping cats calm down at night

Does this sound like a good attack plan - plugging it in a couple hours before bed, in an outlet by the bed?? then unplugging in the morning - or should I leave it plugged in all the time??
Not sure exactly how it works - all bits of advice would be greatly appreciated
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Keep it plugged in. It took 3 straight weeks before I even saw a difference. I think on and off would delay any benefit most likely.
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Yeah I think the package says to allow it to be plugged in for 60 days before you may notice anything-- which I think is annoying because it only lasts that long so you are pretty much forced to buy a refill.
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hmmm. well i went to buy it and the store i went to didn't have it. But i seem to have cured the midnight meows without it....... if they come back i might go to feliway
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My advice - Cello needs a Siamese "girlfriend" that likes to talk back!
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LOL got a way to get her to Ontario? turns out car rides cures cello's midnite meows, but maybe a girlfriend wouldn't hurt.......
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
LOL got a way to get her to Ontario? turns out car rides cures cello's midnite meows, but maybe a girlfriend wouldn't hurt.......
Sure - you can come drive here! I might pack in a certain white kitty for free!
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shouldn't take me long to get there in my non-existent car!!

Oh my gosh......I am picturing an Ophelia - Cello showdown........ they might actually be a match for one another based on that winning photo!

I think the siamese might be a better match for me though!

Edit: Guess you're not my SS then?
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leave it plugged in at all times .... 3-6 weeks is usual for seeing results

lol .... i think you would love the white one...
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With our cat we saw immediate results with the Feliway. I've found it cheapest on Amazon and yes, leave it plugged in 24-7. By the way, I'm a new fan of giving cats toys that dispense treats. That's worked great recently in my house but it was for an entirely different issue. Still, it's something to consider if the Feliway doesn't work.
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