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One Wet Cat...

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My cats like to sneak slurps of water out of my cup when I am not looking. Yesterday, I was sitting at my computer typing away when my kitten Harry jumped up on my desk looking for attention. After he got the attention he wanted he saw my cup, a 16oz. tumbler, and decided to take a drink. The water was low in the cup and Harry got his head stuck in it, he lifted his head and dumped what little bit of water was left in it on himself. I quickly took the cup off and put a towel over him and dried him off. He was so surprised by the water.
We have three water dishes set out for the cats at my house and they prefer my cup...so I am constantly washing out my cups and refilling them with fresh water. Cats are so funny!
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Silly indeed!
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Silly boy! It's a wonder if he'll still want to drink out of your cup after that!
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I use a straw and Toby is constantly trying to get it out, usually spilling whatever is in the cup/can/glass. I swear I should get a plastic table, easier to clean up. Gotta love all the antics.
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That must have been hilarious!lol!
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