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Constant yowling

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My 2-1/2 year neutered male started meowing and yowling a lot about 6 months ago. Lately it has gotten much worse. starts at 6 am and continues on and off all day sometimes. I work from an office in my home so I am here a lot. Other than that and the fact that he almost always tries to escape outside whenever I come and go, his behavior is great. He is quite social etc. He is an indoor cat. But now I am not getting my sleep, and its hard to work here at times, this is a little house!

Had him to the vet and had his blood checked and all that and he checked out well physically. I love this little guy and want to work this out somehow..Does this sort of stuff go on for awhile and then dissipate?

I really try to avoid giving attention negative or positive when he is in this behavior. have read some of the other posts on this...thanks for those...Any other experience on any of this?

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My Nemo does this and he too has been checked over by the vet ( he has always been chatty) we concluded he is just telling us all his problems!!lol and he is a super talkative cat and he starts at about 6am too??? what is it with cats and that time??lol
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has anyone tried a feliway diffuser?
I'm having this problem rihght now and nothing else has worked, so I'm going to try plugging in a pheremone diffuser at night
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One thing to figure out is if he's really yowling or just being chatty. My Sammy was extremely chatty. I live in a loft and there are no doors. He would be in the upstairs bedroom window, chatting to the passersby and other kitties, then downstairs, following me, at the screen door. He was just very chatty. As annoying as it was, when he became ill and didn't "chat" anymore, I really missed it.
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