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Arkose and toys...

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I was hoping this behavior would stop once the girls got spayed but unfortunately it hasn't. Arkose is the smaller of my girls and more timid, while Orianna is larger and outgoing. When they play fight Orianna usually "wins" so to speak, but she never tries to be the dominate female. She is not territorial or possesive over anything. But when ever Arkose has a toy she is playing with she will automatically growl. Orianna could be in another room and she will STILL growl. It doesn't go any further then a growl and if she does it either me or my fiance will take the toy away immediately. She doesn't become aggressive after that, just moves onto the next toy My question is, how in the world can I stop her from growling when she plays with toys? You can see Orianna wants to play with her sometimes but is frightened from the growls.
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mine occasionally growl when playing with a toy - i generally just ignore it...
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I have male littermates and one of them will growl while holding a toy in his mouth. He started doing this with one particular toy and now does it with several toys. I keep an eye on him and don't do anything about it. Nothing other than a growl has ever taken place with a toy. I'm not sure what he is telling everyone?
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Seems to me taking it away would make her growl all the more, since she knows once she has a toy she's enjoying, you're going to take it away from her.
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He's saying "This is mine!"
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Oh, gosh. Seens lots of my shelter kittens do that... they're just saying ... MINE!!!! It's instinctive.... acting out her prey drive is all.
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