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Royal Canin Green peas and duck formula

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Hello everyone:

I've been trying to find natural dry cat food for my Lucas, because it seems he is allergic to most dry foods and won't eat canned food. I don't think he has acne like the vet said, it must be food allergies.

I can't find natural food or grain free food in Puerto Rico, can you all believe that? Well, I found out one of the vets in the area has Royal Canin Green peas and duck formula and I read that one is good for cats that are allergic to certain foods.


I'm a little scared about buying it because I know Royal canin had a food recall last year I think. Have any of you given this food to your kitties? Is it any good? I don't have any options here, please let em know what you all think.

Thanks so much!
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the recall was on ingrediants not found in this formula ....

it is okay looking and worth a try IMHO
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We use Royal Canin for Urinary. Didn't know they made a duck/green pea one. I get Duck/Green Pea and Venison/Green Pea canned foods made by Natural Balance.
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oh Yes, that is the one I wanted, the natural Balance green peas and duck, but I can't get it in Puerto Rico I'll give RC a try and I will hope for the best.

Thank you both.
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I just had to deal with this issue. I used the wet food though, not the dry. The Royal Canin is a veterinary prescription limited ingredient diet specifically to try to rule out food allergies and IBD. It is what you are wanting if you really believe you could be dealing with food allergies.

What the internal medicine specialist told me is that the NB, which I had been feeding, even though the same ingredients does not work as well as the Royal Canin. She cannot explain this other than possible cross contamination during processing. Maybe it has to do with money, I honestly don't know. Royal Canin is only available through the vet with a script and cost me $2.00 a can vs $0.89 a can for the NB that I can buy at the pet food store.

An important note you cannot feed anything else. I mean nothing. No treats, no scraps, no licks of anything. I wasn't even allowed to use just a tiny bit of pill pockets for giving medications. This regiment has to be followed for 4-6 weeks, before determining if improvements have been made. If it is working you can then start adding one new ingredient at a time to determine which your cat reacts too.

It turned out my kitty has a different problem, so we are no longer doing the diet limitations.

My cat liked the Duck and green pea better than the venison and green pea.
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Thank you so much for your infiormation. My Lucas is having a very bad allergic reaction and it must be food allergies, it has to be. The vet told me so, but prescribed Svience diet and that made him worse. Right now as I write this Lucas is beside me scartching and his face is red, his ears and eyes are red and he is suffering. It breaks my heart to see him like this.

My only choice is to get that Royal Canin food because there's nothin else. I don't understand this, they should have all kinds of food for cats around here and they don't.

I will do that, I won't give Lucas treats or other things, only his food. I only hope I can resolve this because I'm going crazy.

Thanks so much
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