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Question of the Day Nov 2nd.

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Do you enjoy cooking and trying new recipes?

I really like to cook and am forever looking for recipes that I think I would like. However I do know a few people who see cooking just as a chore and wouldn't do it if they didn't have to..
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I tried 4 new recipes last week alone. We vote to see if they are worth making again and if so I will copy into my recipe book. I have so many torn out from magazines and the newspaper I have to try them.

This months Cook's Country magazine has about 5-6 I want to try already.
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Absolutely! I love it. I'll be trying a new one later today.
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I like cooking sometimes. Other times I would much rather through a frozen dinner in the microwave and not do a thing more

I try new recipes every now and again. I'm planning to try a new recipe today or tomorrow actually!
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I enjoy cooking but sometimes making all our meals from scratch gets to be extremely time-consuming. I love trying out new recipes but that is a bit of a challenge with a kid.

I really enjoy taking favorite recipes and turning them into healthy meals. I'm always substituting good alternatives for refined ingredients in recipes; the recipes almost always turn out really good, too!
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I have too, last year I wanted to become a vegetarian but I dislike tofu and those other imitation-meat products. I also wanted to cook the same stuff for myself and BF, no double cooking, he had to like it too.
Fortunately I've found a lot of vegetarian recipes online, tried them while slowly phasing out meat and then fish as i got more and more veggie recipes we both liked.

I used to see cooking as a chore because I wasn't organised. It's just not how I am. You can't cook when all your pans are dirty and your shopping isn't done. I've found the structure I needed through the Flylady website, and going vegetarian was the last push I needed to start trying new things.
It has gotten to be more and more fun as I gained more skill through practice and discovered a lot of new delicious things.
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I would enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes a whole lot more if I didn't have to be involved in the clean-up afterwards!!
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I'm slightly obsessed with cooking I LOVE having people over for dinner and entertaining, just because it's a great excuse to try out new recipes! I'm always in the kitchen at my house!!!
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I've been cooking AND baking since I was a little girl. But I agree with another poster who said she'd like it better if someone else did the clean up.

I also cook because it's more economical and I can control the fat and salt content of the food - very important for blood pressure and weight. Also, my mom is diabetic so gotta cook for her, too.
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I love to cook and try new things. Dh and my oldest daughter are the pickiest eaters, I have ever seen. It is very hard to find something they will both eat.
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I love to cook, I love to try new things, but there are very few that I actually do from a recipe, because I more often than not fly by the seat of my pants. If the result is particularly successful ("You can do THAT again!!") I'll write it down while it's fresh in my mind, so that I can do so without having to re-invent the wheel. I love cookbooks, though -- they are a wonderful resource, even if I don't use many actual recipes.
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Oh yes yes. Last week i made chelsea buns, which are an English scroll with dried fruit. I adapted a bit and added some cocoa and some fresh berries for juicyness.

Also today i am going to make tuna and chive muffins. The recipe says salmon but i don't have any atm.

I also do a wonderful butterflied cumin chicken with spanish onion stuffing loaf (you can't stuff butterflied chicken lol).

I make alot of things, but i love to try a new recipe at least once, even if it doesn't work
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