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Sunday!! What's On You Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Looks like it is going to be another nice day here today. I have a few things to do outside today so guess I will work on them.

Not planning on doing to much however, woke up with a headache about 2 and didn't get back to sleep until almost 6 so do not have a whole lot of energy.

Looks like a nap will be in order for later today.

The kitties are good, sitting in the window enjoying the sun right now. They were up tearing around very early this morning guess because of the time change.

Everyone have a great day
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Well its a bit overcast and windy with a chance of rain this afternoon.

We got home late from my BIL's birthday party and then we had to unload the rest of our boards into the house so I could prime them this morning.

So we will be installing them later today and right now Neil is carrying upstairs in his shp the 40 cherry boards he picked up yesterday morning to have a long drying spell!

Bakes and Grizzlie sharing a chair right now and Bobber is outside.

I'm still full from eating lots of food yesterday so not highly motivated yet to do anything.
But I have another 5 dozen tulips and spring iris bulbs to plant so I might try to get that done.
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I was planning to clear some more leaves today. I spent three hours doing that yesterday (as well as making good the devastation zone that was the results of the chickens having a good scratch around the garden). I still have half of the back garden and the front garden to clear. But, it's raining today. So, I guess it will be a job for next weekend - the leaves won't be lonely, plenty more will have joined them by then

I'm just gearing up for the title-deciding race of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season - just 1 hour and 40 minutes to go until the race starts!!!
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We went out and I ate and drank way too much last night and I am paying the price this morning. It will be a low-key day for me.
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We need to take down the Halloween decorations today. I guess other than that I have to figure out what I'm making for dinner... will probably do some mending and we are going to watch a movie this afternoon.

It's chilly and dark and damp here this morning.
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planting some cuttings I got from a friend for the screen porch. I have already painted the pots they need to go in, but need to run out & get some more soil.
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Good afternoon

Its alright outside today, not too chilly - about 70. The sun is warm

Rob and I have to get haircuts today, take Katina to her vet appointment at 2pm (she's just going to LOVE that ), go grocery shopping, do some secret santa shopping, and maybe pick up another fishy for my 10gal (now that I've waited 3 weeks with some starter fish).
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It's raining here (it NEVER rains in California). Yesterday helped a friend help some people clear out their wine bar (water in the walls). Not used to manual labor so feet and everything is tired. Thinking about finishing the book I started. All my "kids" are napping, unless I walk into the kitchen, then they think they need to eat, AGAIN.

Just noticed the neighbors cat, Pele, wandering around outside. They usually leave the door open for her to come and go, so I hope she goes in. A nap later sounds good.
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We just took down the Halloween decorations and put up the Thanksgiving ones. It's a beautiful day to do it. In a bit I'm going to visit my Dad, who's working at a craft fair in my old high school. I haven't been back there in 22 years, so I'm sure it'll be odd. Then grocery shopping and an early dinner.
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Evening Everyone

Today was pretty nice here. The weather was great! This afternoon I went to lunch with my best friend at our favorite Bubble Tea place. It was yummy! Definitely nice to have a little girl time to hang out!

Tonight I cleaned up around the house some while DH and his partner (they're both motorcycle cops) hung out around the house for a few hours working on their personal bikes (they're off today). After that, DH and I had a little dinner then went out on a date night We went to play Putt- Putt it was fun! After we played that for a while, we went and played a few of the arcade games. It was a pretty fun night
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