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Meet Harley!

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Well, my hubby brought home the new kitty last night. She is so adorable! She's very tiny and petite, even though she's 4. And I notice she has extra toes on her front feet, which are so cute; it almost looks like she has snowshoes on.

When she got here last night, she was shaking like a leaf and wouldn't come out from under my bed. Today, she's managed to come out and explore the house a little bit. She still won't let me pet her, but she is starting to rub around my legs and get "conversational". And last night she did sit next to me for a while. So, for being here less than 24 hours, I think she's doing pretty good.

This isn't the greatest picture, because she doesn't sit still for very long, but at least you can see her.

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Your new kitty looks lovely and sounds like she is getting to trust you already wont be long before you are stroking her and she is sitting on your knee if she is anything like my cat
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She is absolutely adorable She will get used to her new home in no time, you'll see Congrats on your new baby
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Congratulations on your new kitty!!! Kitties with extra toes are called Hemmingways They're so cool!
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Congratulations on your new kitty!!! Kitties with extra toes are called Hemmingways They're so cool!
I've heard about cats having extra toes, but I've never actually seen one in person before Harley came along. I love all her extra toes - I did get a closer look at her before when she was rolling on the couch, and I can definitely count six on her left front foot! I need to check her other feet and see if there are more.
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She's beautiful and I'm glad she found a wonderful new home!
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She's beautiful! Those extra toes make her extra special... And probably will help her get into all sorts of extra-special pranks as she has somewhat opposable thumbs
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Adorable kitty!
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awww I love when cats sit with their front paws like that. She reminds me of my Bru-Bru except he's a tuxedo. she's a doll.
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