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Green Tea

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Anyone else enjoy green tea?

I've just discovered it. I always avoided it, because I couldn't stand the bitter taste. A friend of mine loves it, and suggested I try this jasmine green tea. Tried it....didn't like it. Not fond of flowery teas.

But then I discovered this brand by accident at Bed, Bath And Beyond! They had a special on Bentley's - a pack of 6 different fruited green, papaya, pomegranate, blueberry, raspberry, and this other...Oriental Treasure. 8 in each pack. A little honey in there, and I'm lovin' it! I guess I like the fruit flavor.

And it's so good for you!

So.....thoughts on green tea?
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I find it very bitter...although I know its good for me. I do drink it very seldom though.
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I tried it and it was awful! So bitter that it took the pucker right out of my mouth. It was like sucking on cotton.

I do like white tea, which is apparently green tea before the leaves are mature. I buy the Tetley White Tea Raspberry. Very good. But plain regular green tea? *gags*
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As long as I can sweeten it, I love it...but I find in large quantities, it tends to ..ahem.....upset my digestive I tend to limit the amount of it that I consume.
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I can't stand most green teas found at grocery stores because they are really bitter.

However, I LOVE good quality green tea because it is not bitter at all. I just bought some great Japanese green tea yesterday ($15 for 50g ) and it's really great!! You'd be amazed at the difference in quality between what you find at the groceries and what you find at tea shops.
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I like green tea with a little more flavor. We have Chai Green Tea and have gotten Constant Comment Green Tea. IMO the White and Green tea mix is pretty good.
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I absolutely love green tea and if brewed correctly it is NOT bitter! If you steep it more than 2 mins it WILL be bitter.

I don't buy any of my tea at the grocery store. I try them at a local tea shop and then buy them online where they are cheaper. Almost all the teas I have are loose-leaf and my favorite green tea is Sencha Kyto cherry rose festival or the Japanese cherry which is also a green tea.

If you have not tried green tea outside of the grocery store, please do! There is a huge difference!
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I don't buy green tea from the grocery stores, either.... Uhhh, I buy it from the dollar store! hahah!

Never found it bitter and enjoy drinking it. I'm probably the only one who likes cheap green tea as none of my friends or family can drink it. I just add it a little sweet-n-low and stuff is magic.
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I buy different teas from Republic of Teas catalog and website. However I like my teas stronger tasting and don't like lots of green teas because of that.
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OH I LOVE GREEN TEA!!! Add a little honey in there and it is just amazing!!!!! And I even love black tea, really put any herbal tea in front of me and I am all over it!
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I used to drink Stash green tea, but then one day I added honey to it and it immediately and radically turned me off to the stuff! Maybe it was just the brand or something, but it was awful, I can't even drink it plain any more. It was weird.
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I love green tea and drink it by the gallon!
Really surprised to hear everyone say it's bitter as I've never experienced that. I tend not to over-steep my teas though.
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I drink green tea daily. Sometimes I drink sencha, and sometimes I drink matcha. Matcha gets a little getting used to for some people as is does not resemble tea in the traditional sense. It comes as a green powder and you whisk it into some warm water to make a frothy green drink. It has a texture to it. The sencha I drink comes as loose leaf and I just take a small amount and dump it into my 2 cup pot. Once the leaves settle to the bottom the tea is ready to drink. I never use any sweeteners since it spoils the nuttiness that the teas are known for.

Not only will steeping it for too long make it bitter, but using water that is too hot will make it quite bitter too. Boiling water is too hot, about 140 - 195 F is good temperature.

Too much green tea causes health problems, try to limit it to 2 cups a day. Roasted barley tea on the other hand I do drink quite a bit of while I'm eating both as an apertif and a digestive aid.
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I don't like green tea, but I sometimes steep a bag of it along with a bag of my favorite (Stash Earl Grey Black), just for the health benefits. The Earl Grey distracts me from the green.
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I drink Lipton's Diet Iced green tea.
Yeah it's a bit bitter, but I found the citrus variety helped that, and yesterday, when buying a new case, I discovered they had the diet in mixed berry, nearly no bitterness at all.
I'm not a fan of hot teas at all, but the iced green teas have helped me completely kick my diet coke habit.
I don't even remember the last time I had any soda.
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Originally Posted by CarolPetunia View Post
I don't like green tea, but I sometimes steep a bag of it along with a bag of my favorite (Stash Earl Grey Black), just for the health benefits. The Earl Grey distracts me from the green.
did you know that Stash makes an Earl Grey green? 2 different kinds - regular & double bergamot. oh, also, have you tried their Double Bergamot Earl Grey Black tea? it's my favorite!
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I get a blueberry green tea that smells and tastes just like a blueberry pie! (With honey of course!). I also buy a pear green tea that is to die for. I like the blackberry as well. When I make tea, I used 2 tea bags. That's how I like my coffee too.

I'm surprised as well, to hear people say it tastes bitter to them. Even the plain green tea I've never thought of as bitter. Must be a difference in taste buds!
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I like the Matcha Green Tea Shots with Soymilk.
I go to Jamba Juice just for them. I also like chai green tea.
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Mz - where did you get your blueberry green tea? I'd like to find some - sounds good!
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I love green tea and take it straight, no sweetener. I use good quality loose leaf tea, the leaves can be brewed multiple times in a day, so it really isn't pricey when done that way.
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I used to drink lots of green tea but it started to make me feel all acidy and heatburny so I had to stop.
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