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so sad!

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my boyfriend's step-brother had this gorgeous manx cat. Well Friday we found out that he was tossing her outside. She's declawed. When we told him how dangerous this way, he told us he didnt care and if we were so concerned to come get her. Well, we looked and looked but didn't find her friday.
Saturday night, he calls us and says she was at the door crying for food and to hurry up and get her. So we rushed out.
The step-brother was trying to pick her up to put her in the carrier and she was freaking out, hissing/spitting at him. He started to tell me that she's a mean, vicious cat and all this. His girlfriend admitted to me that he had been slamming the cat into the wall!
I got her home and looked her all over. Her fur is all matted and dirty, she's super skinny. But when I let her out into the room I have setup for her, she just wanted to rub up against me and purr.

I'm so happy she's still alvie. When I was searching for her, I was almost attacked by two dogs (walking on the side walk, the dogs just rushed at me. I think there was an electric fence because they stopped short of getting to me). Plus, she's black and it was halloween. I was so scared some weirdo would get a hold of her.

I'm at work now, I really wish I was at home with her.
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I am glad you got her and wish people like that did noy have pets.
I had a Manx and she was paralyzed her last 2 years but I still loved her.
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I'm so glad you have given this poor abused cat a home. Slamming the cat into the wall!!! How can people do this to any living creature.?
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What a sadistic creep! So glad you were able to help this darling girl!
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What a wonderful person you are! This little girl will repay you many times over for rescuing her from that situation. It's bad enough to mistreat them that way and then to put a declawed defenseless cat outside.
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