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Creamated or buried in a casket?

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which do you think you would want for when you die?
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Donate any useable organs and cremate. Makes more sense and is much less expensive. When Russ died, all that they could use were his eyes. I had him cremated (his wish) and the cremains buried, in a National Cemetery. He told me NOT to go into debt, to bury him. The cememtery, that his son preferred, wanted $1500.00, for a spot just big enough, for a small box. I told Jr. that, if he wanted his dad there, HE'D have to pay for it. As a disabled veteran, Russ got free burial, in a National Cemetery.
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I told my family that I would haunt anyone that buried me. I think having one's family go into debt after they are dead, at their requst, is extremely selfish. My father spent my daughter's college fund to give my mother a fancy, expensive funeral. Dead is dead, and I am not going to care what happens to my body after I am done with it. A friend's father recently died, and he left his body to the Medical College of Georgia for study. They will cremate him when they are done, and return his ashes to his family. I am not a big one for organ donation, but if they can study bodies and help someone else along the way, I may do the same thing.
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Here in Oregon they no longer just bury you in the ground in a casket. Now they build a cemet enclosure and put the casket in that to save the earth. Mike and I both belong to the Neptune Society. My body is already wanted by several medical universities, so they get what parts are usable and the rest gets all burned up.
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Cramated definitely. Whatever happens to me after I die, I hope I have better things going on than caring what happened to my body! And if nothing happens, then what's it for? Nah, take my organs and sprinkle the rest of me outside of my favorite library!
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I definitely want to be cremated. When I was a kid, there were horrible floods in western PA and in Ohio, and I remember seeing the washed-out cemetaries, broken-up coffins, etc. on TV. It was so gross that I decided right then and there that I wanted to be cremated.
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I want to be cremated, and have the ashes scattered in a forest, so I will be wandering the woods for all eternity...
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I have always had a fear/reoccuring dreams of being buried alive! I want cremation to guarentee I am good and dead (I am claustrophobic).
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Heh I dont want the chance someone dumping my ashes, or worms eating me. I wanna be in a mausoleum..
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I don't care one way or the other. I just told my sister - do it cheap. Donate any organs possible. No extra money for flowers and all that. I told her to have a party, invite all my friends and close relatives and celebrate the friendship that they had with me.
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Actually I've always wanted to be cremated & then had my ashes added to a park bench. I'm not sure exactly how it would work, but I always thought it would be cool to have my body be used in something other people could enjoy, after all when I'm dead I don't need my body any more. That being said what I want doesn't really matter so when I'm gone it's the people left behind that will be affected by my death, so they are the ones who should decide what happens. For example my Grandfather had his body donated to science and while I think it's a wonderful thing I admit to feeling like I never really had closure for his death because he didn't want a funeral. So since I won't be the one who has to deal with my death I think the people left behind should have final say.
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I do want a wake. But I want people to laugh and dance and party and remember me in a good light. I don't think they need my body to get closure.
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Ady- I have the same irrational fear of being buried alive So , its creamation for me. I don't want anybody staring at the dead body that used to be me. I've stated on my drivers liscence that I'm an organ donor- they should take anything they can used and torch the rest. After all, I'm going to be more than finished with the body
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Unlike Ady and Melissa, I have a fear of being burnt to ashes. I know just how damn bad it hurts to burn your hand on the oven...I just can't imagine my entire body burning. I know it may sound stupid and crazy...and I know that I won't be able to feel it, but it just gives me the creeps.

I too am a donor of my organs. When I told my Mom, she went nuts. She was upset about it! I still don't understand why she would feel that way. She said that she thinks the right thing to do is be buried with your organs. I would feel so much better knowing that I could have helped someone live eventhough I'm gone. Sorry to say, but I think Mom would think again if it was one of her family members who need an organ to survive. But until then, she's stuck in her ways.
I just hope that my family respects my wishes when I leave this Earth.
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When my parents bought their burial plots, the salesman asked if they wanted side-by-side or stacked. My mom said, "Side-by-side, I don't want to end up on the bottom, if I go first." My response was, "HOW are you going to know - you'll be dead."

My dad is smart, though. Everything is paid for and their caskets are picked out. Since I'm the one, who has to handle everything, it'll leave me more time to fight with my brothers about the estate (I'm the executrix).

I just have to ask my dad if he wants to be buried in his dress blues and with full military honors.
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I want creamated.I don't want bugs on me! In NY state on the back of your driving linc.is a place to fill out what you want done with your organs!Mine is filled out,they can take any thing that will help someone else.
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Cremated definitely.

Hubby wants the same.
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Cremated for sure. I dont want any funeral guy dressing me and seeing parts that otherwise only the Dr. or a significant other would see. I have a plot left to me by my grandmom. Me and the Kittys will go there I guess. I have my passed on SuZe cat that was cremated because I have no place to burrie him. Im hoping that me and the cats will all be burried together when the time comes.
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Ted's mom's late cat was cremated,the vet did it and put in a glass urn,which is in my gueat bedroom cupboaed,it can not be opened. It will go in her casket when she dies.
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When my beloved Mimi was put to sleep in October of 2001, our Vet asked us if we wanted to bury her ourselves. I didn't think I could handle knowing that she was in my backyard and I thought it would hurt me everyday to see her grave. Our Vet said that he would hate to see her be all alone, so he buried her in his back yard. He has buried several animals of his own there and he told me she would have lots of "friends" there. I thought it was so kind of him to do that for me and I'm glad to see that she isn't alone there too. May her spirit always be near me!
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That is so sweet of your vet Shell! I live in big Appt complexes, have for many years so I have no place that seems like home to burry my kittys. That is so thought full of your vet!
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My SuZe is still in his box at my Moms house. She is keeping him for me. After 3 years I would still just hug the box and cry. Sooner or later I will find a good Urn. And good for you Sherral, that is a very loving thing you are doing for Teds mom.
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The soil in my area is really rocky. When I had to have my cat, Midnight, put to sleep 1 1/2 years ago, I felt it would be difficult to dig a grave for her because of the soil, so I choose private creamation. Midnight's creamains are kept on the top of my computer desk along with the sympathy card from the vet, a copy of the Rainbow Bridge poem, and a picture of her. I have been happy with this decision because if I ever move I won't have to leave her behind in the cold hard ground.
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I saw a story on the news a while back that they have a new technology that would allow you to make "gems" from the remains of a loved one (they superheat and compress the ashes, much the same way a diamond is formed from coal), and then have that gem mounted in whatever form you wanted - ring, necklace, etc. That way you could have your loved one with you at all times. It sounded morbid at first, but after I thought about it I think I would like it. They said they can do it with pet remains as well. If I have the money when my cats cross the bridge, this would be my ideal but it is VERY expensive.
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I've been reading about this, too. The thing is, it costs more than a natural diamond, of comparable size. Think that I'll stick to the box, for cremains.
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Ok time for my 2 cents worth here, at one time I wanted to be a funeral director and subsequently I know more about the business than the average person does.

As far as the issue of bugs getting at you.... that's impossible. If you choose burial, you're placed in a thick concrete or steel vault that is 10 inches thick and weighs 1000lbs or more.

Re: the funeral director seeing you naked: if you die suddenly in most states and provinces it is MANDATORY to undergo an autopsy to rule out homicide, so the coroner will see you in yer birthday suit anyway. We're born naked, ppl see us then, so being dead and naked is no different. As macbre as this may sound, if you want visitation etc etc, the funeral director must be able to do his/her duties professionally, it would be disconcerting to see evidence of leakage of embalming fluids.

Me? I'm going in our new cemetery by the river... only fitting seeing as I spend a lot of free time fishing.
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I most definitely want to be cremated, no doubt about that. I'm also an organ donor. Hopefully my family will do as I'd like... I can't remember anyone in my family being cremated so far...
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see, i believe in cremetaion because it takes up less space in this overly populted world. But, I as an aware human being I cannot imagine myself being burned. I feel like I am going to feel the pain. I dunno... its weird. Let it be a suprise a long time away from now.
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to use up any more of our precious land. Too much land is being gobbled up by parking lots, shopping malls, amusement parks, and yes cemetaries. All those bodies are going to rot anyway. And yet we bury them in ridiculously expensive caskets. No, thanks. Just burn me to ashes and spread them out over the ocean.
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No embalming, just dumped into a plain wooden box and buried 6 feet under. It's the KISS, principle.
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