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Found stray cat

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We have had this stray cat living outside of our apartment complex for over three months now. Everyone in the complex feeds him and leaves out water for him and one couple even made a little cat bed for him to lay in these past few days since the temps dropped. He's extremely friendly and loves to be petted. Even when you give him food he'll sometimes ignore it just to be rubbed instead. He's a real sweetheart. He's not neutered and I would guess probably a year or two old. He's obviously a runaway or abandoned since he's so incredibly friendly. He'll run up the three flights of stairs with me when I get home and cry at the door when I have to leave him outside.

I have tried to find his owners, but I really don't think he has any anymore. I have posted ads on craigslist for someone to reunite with him or even just give him a new home. I haven't had any responses yet. I don't want to take him to a shelter and get him caged or even put to sleep. I've called all the non killed shelters and they are full.

So if anyone is in Florida and would like to open their heart to this handsome kitty please let me know. I'm in the Tampa Vicinity but willing to meet elsewhere.

Here he is... we call him Mickey.

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Sometimes I hate living in an apartment complex! Just a couple of months ago I found a kitten (4-5 months) wandering around outside. Surprisingly, he has very similar coloring. I named him Toby, got him fixed, and, because he gives my 3-year old someone to play with, he now has a home! Unfortunately, I have had to rescue more than I can count since moving here 14 years ago. Some people should just be shot. Here in California there are laws about people abandoning cats. The problem is, so many people get a kitten and don't let management know, so when they move, it's difficult to find the person/persons who did the abdoning. Like I said, some people should just be shot! I hope you can find a place for him soon.
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Is there any way you could keep him? He seems like a great guy, he just needs a good home. He should be neutered as soon as possible, maybe someone in the apartment complex would want to adopt him. It seems as though he has alot of people to care for him.
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One couple near us was going to take them in but they were in the process of adopting a dog, so they decided against it.

We can't take him in because he isn't neutered yet. Riley hasn't been spayed yet or gotten her rabies shot yet... so we really don't think it would be a good idea.. and what if this cat has something contagious - it's too risky. We also can't afford to take the stray to the vet. Plus three cats will be a bit much and I know Keeba will not have it.
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Would there by any way the owner or management would let Mickey stay as as apartment cat? That way everyone could care for him with food and a warm place to sleep, he could be "rodent control manager." A local gas station found a cat nearby and now she lives there. She has a little room with her food and bed and litter box and she usually hangs out in the shop or storefront. Once he is neutered, he would probably be content to stay around. I hope things work out for him, he is a cutie!!
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I seriously doubt they would take him and I would be scared to call them because they'd call some place to trap and remove him.. I want him to go to a good home - not be put to sleep.

He slightly limps with his back leg as well... so I doubt they would take him in and pay for a vet. I am calling some local non - kill shelters to see what they will do but the majority of them are full.

Thanks for the best wishes... I really hope he finds a home soon. He tried to come in today and I spent 20 minutes trying to walk into my place without having him follow.
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OMG! He is such a cutie! Good vibes for finding a solution!

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Oh, I hope you can find him a home or at least a good shelter. It breaks my heart when they want to be rescued, they just want a home. Keep us posted on your progress and I hope that you will still be able to care for him until he finds a place to go.
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All the shelters are saying they are full. You know what you do. Go around and collect a couple bucks from all the people who are currently helping to take care of him. Stick it in a carrier with the cat and leave him on the shelter steps. Than they HAVE to take him. I get so frustrated when "shelters" won't provide shelter. I know they can only take in so many but what are they supposed to be there for anyway? Sorry about my rant...I just get so frustrated when I hear about stuff like this.
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Okay, after I ranted a little I had an idea. Can you post on craigslist? This will take some work from you. you'll have to find him a home yourself but it may be an option. At least it will help you sleep better knowing that he has a home and a family. Just an idea.
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post
Okay, after I ranted a little I had an idea. Can you post on craigslist? This will take some work from you. you'll have to find him a home yourself but it may be an option. At least it will help you sleep better knowing that he has a home and a family. Just an idea.
The OP already stated that she had tried Craigslist.
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Whoops! So, she did. heehee

I had just mentioned it after looking on petfinder for shelters in her area in FL. There doesn't seem to be much at all. It only pulled up 3. One of which only works at placing animals it has in foster. So, I knew that a shelter was probably a long shot and was thinking of how to get the word out that a cat was available. Those are great pictures that show how spunky and engaging the poor kitty is. Absolutely adorable!
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So many wonderful cats, so few homes. It breaks our hearts. Spay and neuter your damned pets, if its the ONLY thing you ever do for them!!

Regarding Riley, do you know about the low cost spay and neuter programs?? Money is always an issue, but this is an ESSENTIAL service
for your cat to get.

He / she should be a PRIORITY to get fixed. Ditto on the rabies.

1-800-SPAY-USA is the number to call to find out about your area's low cost spay and neuter services. Friends of Animals also has a program, you can find it on the web - they send you a voucher to use at the vets (pre paid)
and it costs like 65 dollars or something equally reasonable).

Sometimes vets do it on a payment plan, though you have to call
around to find out.

Also sometimes shelters or AC will do free / low cost spay/neuter and/or rabies clinics. Consider finidng out about those services in your area. You may qualify for such a service or find someone who will take Riley in FOR you
to another jurisdiction where they qualify... (this is a bit underhand, but hey, its in the interest of getting the cat spay/neutered and taken care of, so all is fair in love and war. IMHO all shelters and counties should offer FREE spay/neuter clinics once or twice a year!!).

Second: Weather in FLA generally QUITE mild, cat will do fine out doors -
but to make a nice bed/home you can use the rubbermaid container trick.
tips on this forum - someone actually posted a threat somewhere about it.

Lastly, to post this cat: make posters. If you go to
(an animal welfare shelter in Utah I believe) they have a web site
that lets you make a flyer for free with a color picture.

Make one, and post it EVERYWHERE - Petsmart, Petco, all the local
vets, community centers/rec centers for your town/county, Craigslist
(sometimes okay), and Petfinders also.

Check for no kill shelters - these are word of mouth sometimes,
its for people who are "in the know" .... groups and people are out there,
but sometimes not so obviously.... (or they'd be swamped an overwhelmed
- which they usually are anyway *sigh*)

PM if you want more assistance, or info on the websites and contact info. I can search it up for you on line, or one of our other memebers on this forum could help you out too. Don't give up. butterscotch boy deserves a great home. (and orange boys rock from experience!)
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Regarding Riley, do you know about the low cost spay and neuter programs?? Money is always an issue, but this is an ESSENTIAL service
for your cat to get.

He / she should be a PRIORITY to get fixed. Ditto on the rabies.
Riley had coccidia when we first got her. She is under weight so the vet said we need to wait on her spay... that's why she hasn't been spayed yet. She is going to go to our new vet here and get some blood work done first to find out if she is ready to be spayed. We know she needs it done, but her HEALTH is our main goal right now. She is not going to some cheap place to get spayed because of the high risk with surgery at her weight... she needs the blood work done first and then she will be spayed a week after the blood work.
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Keeba, don't misunderstand, I'm *sure* you will get it done. You seem like a sensible type, and I'm sure you know what would happen if you didn't get her fixed (uncontrolled breeding!)

Just that sometimes the cost is a hinderance (we get charged over 350 for JUST the spay here.. whew.) and many owners in our area won't fix due to that....which burns me up.

Better a low cost spay neuter jobbie, so long as it gets done than
never being done, and leaving the cats to breed endlessly...

Spay can be done at 4 months, and 2 lbs is the weight cut off for an early spay/neuter. I am firm believer in getting it done asap younger the better.

With 6 of my own, none that were done later, I have (4) early spays, and none of them have had or did have any ill effects...
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I found Mickey a home! He went to a lovely woman who had just lost her cat a week ago and has been looking for a male adult. She fell in love with him as soon as she saw the pictures.

Only thing is now though is that he isn't using the litter box at her place and keeps going on her bed. I'm sure it will take some time though... since's he's been a stray and all - any advice for her?
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Great news for Mickey!! Good job on your part!! Maybe he is picking up on scents from her previous cat. I have read here to put just plain dirt on top of the litter-that is what ferals and strays are used to. I am no expert, however, there is probably much better advice. But I am so happy for him and I hope she will stick with him even though he has this problem. Keep us posted.
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oops!! I forgot he is not neutered yet, I am sure that will help out alot. I recently took in a stray who was not neutered at the time. He would not use the litter box but since he was neutered he has been fine. Hope she can get him neutered ASAP, it will be better for both of them.
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