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What has been the best deal you have ever made???

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I recently found THE BEST DEAL on EBay!!!!!!!!

I have been wanting a PlayStation2 for a little while. A few days ago I went looking on EBay again. I was SHOCKED when I found someone selling NOT ONLY selling a PlayStation2 BUT ALSO an XBox AND 17 games ALL for $150 Buy It Now WITH FREE SHIPPING!!!!!! That is an amazing deal since just a PlayStation WITHOUT games is $125. For just $25 more I get an XBox and 17 games and FREE Shipping!!!!

What have been the "best deals" you have ever made??????
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Which games? I can tell you how much they're worth - though most Xbox and PS2 games, if you were to trade them in at certain places, wouldn't get you more then $2 each (if that, many are only worth $.50). Both systems, with age, will have problems reading discs. You will likely have to have someone clean the lenses for you or you'll see a lot of corrupt data/disc read errors. This has nothing to do with how the system was cared for - dirt gets in no matter what.
Some Xboxs were actually having a problem on the motherboard that makes them short out after a while.

One of the best deals I've had was buying a brand new cd straight from the label for about $1.50 (before the US dollar went down). New it can cost around $14.
I also have some various Japanese cds that I got from ebay for a lot less then they're worth - such as a Gastunk - The End set with box in mint condition for $20. Other times I've seen it on ebay people have fought it up over $40 (probably higher, I didn't check it the last few days).

I also think DH and I got a fairly good deal on our house. $81k after everything for a three bedroom that has a nice fenced yard and a large garage/shop building.
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It depends on if you mean on a percentage basis, or an absolute basis!

I bought Dottie's cell phone for about $25. Brand new, nothing fancy, but her old one was dying. List on it was about $150, but we all know those prices are inflated.

I bought an Alvarez electric guitar at the pawn shop. It was in perfect condition. Alvarez makes a lot of high-end accoustics and has gone in the electric business a couple of times, only to quit after a couple of years. I paid $83 for it and sold it the next day on e-bay for $275.

I also got a Gretsch guitar for right at $300 at the same pawn shop, including a hard case. I could put it on e-bay for $500, but I may keep it.

Hey, I got Dottie for the price of a year in college in France!
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Hmm...what comes to mind first is an LL Bean Thinsulate coat I just bought. Retails for $100 and I got it for $6
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My craziest good deal was my VW Vanagon, which I bought from good friend for $200. It ran and passed emissions when I bought it. Ok, so I've spent ten times that in parts over two years, but it's a horrendously fun car, and I've got less invested in it than what it's worth.
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My best one to date has got to be the Unity Candle that my Aunt just got today for my wedding, it had been $50 and she got it for $2.50 Talk about savings! Its brand new, she found it at a store going out of business, I'm so happy!
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I got a nice pair of diamond earrings for around $170.00. They appraised at my local jeweler for over $400.00 and were set in platinum, not white gold as the seller had advertised.
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One of the few I've found was last week. I found a $229.00 Wireless Video Game Chair for.......... $15.00!

Found it in a yard sale

It works great too!
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I got my husband off the internet That was a great Deal
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Both of mine were good music deals.

First one was Buckingham Nicks self-titled album and Bare Trees, Penguin, Mystery to Me, Fleetwood Mac self-titled, Rumours, Tusk, Live 1980. All were on vinyl and in excellent condition. The Buckingham Nicks album can go for $30 by itself, and the copy of Bare Trees was a very rare one. How much did I pay? $20 Canadian.

In August, Newbury Comics had a hand-signed limited edition of Lindsey Buckingham's new cd Gift of Screws for $20. I'm a member of the Ledge (Fleetwood Mac forums) and a few dozen people ordered copies. Only TWO people (from The Ledge) received signed copies - me and someone in Ireland. Apparently Warner Bros. didn't have enough copies as they thought. The people who didn't get theirs got a refund.
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The best deal I ever made was probably for my car. I paid $975 for a 1967 Mustang. At the time the car was 10 years old and my Dad & brothers were making fun of me for spending that much for a 10 year old car. It's been 31 years, and I'm still driving it.
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I think probably the best deal I've gotten was for a dog cart. I had a friend who made dog carts. I made a deal with him to make me a custom dog cart for my dog, in trade for a leather studded Mastiff collar (he had Mastiffs.)
I got an awesome hand-made dog cart and he even wood-burned a plaque on the back with my dog's name for it. The collar I traded with him was worth about $75-80+ but I had bought it on ebay for a lot less than that. However the maker was out of business so it was not something you can just buy anymore...

This is a photo of the cart:

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In 1996 I bought a 1981 Mazda GLC for $20, it needed some work, but it ran great and was legal.
I had that car for 4 years, it was my camper
I took out the back seat and put a futon back there, it was perfect.
I still really miss that car.
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Most of my good deals have been cars. I got my first car (a '77 T-Bird) for free - all I had to do was make it run. I made $500 on it when I sold it; I only put $150 into it.

We just bought am '81 Buick Century off of craigslist for $400. It only has 114,000 miles on it, which is nothing for the year that it is. It runs SO well and is in really great shape for a 28-year-old car. The same car, in the same shape usually runs around $1200 - $2000.
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