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Originally Posted by MargeCat View Post
Since DH just came home, and announced that 200 employees at work were laid off, and more to come, I think I will ask the in-laws for Wal-Mart gift cards...:-(
Sorry to hear that. Does DH still have HIS job? Where do you live?
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I want to make it through the holidays with both my husband and I employed. Things have slowed down at both our places of employment. I work in a retail call center and this is the busy time of year for hunters and Christmas shoppers. Everything has slowed down and the calls are not coming in the volume for this time of year. We live in a small rural area and one of the factories is going to shut down one of it's plants either in Georgia or Nebraska. They make shocks for automobiles. This would really put a hurt on my area if they shutdown the Nebraska plant. I would have liked to get a digital camera so I could finally post good pictures of my cats.....
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Peace and quiet.

And a nap.
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I want all the animals in shelters and rescues to have a home for the holidays.

For me, I want some more perfume. My brother got me Celine Dion perfume last year, he'll probably get me some again. He never buys you stinky perfume!

Also, I just want better health for my mom. She was admitted into the hospital about 3-4 weeks ago for her diabetes out of whack. She's doing better but she has to stay on a strict diet.

I have big plans to get everyone nice presents this year like I did last year for my family and of course my brothers girlfriend is family, too and I got her some stuff last year she really enjoyed. It's nice having a job to be able to buy stuff for people you enjoy being around and care about.

Of course I am going to spoil the pets rotten and I thought of baking the dogs at the shelter where I work dog biscuits if I get this book from the store that comes with a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and recipes. Of course I will make some for my dogs, too. They are picky though but I am sure the shelter dogs won't be too picky. My boss makes cookies for my dogs and the shelter dogs all the time.

The kitty boys will definately getting more fat cat catnip toys! and the dogs aren't really into toys except our terrier mix pup, Rudy. I usually buy them all toys and if they don't want to play with them Rudy can have them. I need to get new dishes for the dogs and the cats, too. Of course treats, too.
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