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Coughing in his sleep

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Hello, I have a question about Tubee. Ever since Tubee was a kitten he has done odd things in his sleep. When he was little he would have kind-of like tremors in his sleep. He would shake like crazy for about a minute then stop. After about a month it stopped so we just thought i was bad dreams or something. Recently he has started doing crazy things in his sleep again. He has always growled in his sleep(We say he likes yelling at samba in his sleep) but he was coughing in his sleep last night.

My question is, what could cause him to cough in his sleep? Last night when he did that i started to pet him to make sure he was ok and he wasn't responding at all so I lightly shook his shoulder to wake him up and he still didn't for a minute. He did wake up about a minute later but I had thought he was dead.(I laid in bed crying after that) Today he has been fine, no coughing or anything. Also does anyone have any ideas why he wasn't responding at all at first?

Thanks for reading and for any ideas!

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If my cat is in deep sleep, it takes her a while to wake up. Even if I pick her up and move her sometimes she won't wake up right away!

If it happens again, you can always feel for the pulse in her neck. It will be right above the collarbone, you may have to move your fingers up and down the bone until you feel it. Then you know she isn't dead-just a heavy sleeper!

If it happens again you can always ask the vet, it may be a good idea so you won't have to worry.
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