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how to recapture

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We have had a feral cat living with us since she gave birth two years ago. She has been doing great in the house, loves the dogs, and has been letting us pet her. Unfortunately a week ago she got out in the middle of the night and then got scared and ran off when we tried to catch her. SHe lived out of doors for a number of years before we caught her pregnant, but we live on a busy street so we really want to get her home. However, so far our attempts to trap her have been unsuccessful (we did catch another cat... oops). Tonite I am trying using leaves instead of newspaper in the trap, and tossing some of her favorite treats in front of it. Does anyone have any other suggestions??
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Put familiar food in familiar dishes, and put the trap on some sweaty T-shirts that you've worn, and any familiar blankets, rugs, etc., under the trap.
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well no luck again last night. I have not been putting out kibble in the spot, because i want her hungry enough to want to enter the trap, but now three nights going and no luck I am feeling like i should give it a rest for a few days and just pop the kibble back out. Also, I am wondering if she saw the other cat in the trap and now will not enter it no matter what...maybe I am making too much of that psychological part, but I am thinking that putting it in a different place might help?
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Can help. Clean also the trap so it dont smells the wrong cat....
And try to again set in your family smells, rub in with your used clothes and so.

I have read about one experienced cat hunter. He used rotten cheese as bait.
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you have to keep the trap coverd completely so she can't see it

i used a tarp to cover mine

leave something like tuna that she can't resist

it takes patience and determination and time

although some cats won't be re-trapped.
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