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Strange new eating habits

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During the day when I'm gone my cat generally sits in the window looking outside. However she used to move around some as well because she would have eaten and used her box during the time I was gone. Now she sits in the window and will not physically move until I go pick her up. She waits for me and just cries until I get her and bring her into my bedroom. She won't even touch her food in "her room" now. So every night I come home and bring her food and water into my room. She has always had food available to her so she used to "snack" all day. Now she will eat and drink for about 20 minutes solid and not again until the next day. After she eats she will move around the rest of the night sitting in different places. Nothing in the environment has changed and she seems otherwise healthy. I'm not worried about her new behavior but just a little confused.
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If she is not losing weight, it's probably just her own "scheduling". You are lucky she is not stuffing herself with food. Cats tend to eat more than they should when they get bored resulting to overweight and its unhealthy consequences.
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Without more detail its hard to suggest possible situations. However it sounds like there is some distress causing behavioral changes. It could be a physical ailment, seperation anxiety, an outside stress factor...........
Cats will often set an internal clock along with their environmental schedule which is primarily based on us, especially if they are single kitties. Although if this is a sudden behavioral change that you are concerned about, keep a close eye and call your vet if any more concerns.
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