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Pregnant Cat with Worms?

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I try not to use any chemicals on my cats. I think that doing it with all natural things is the best. I just noticed my cats have worms. I noticed it in my non-pregnant cat and gave her de-wormer right away. But my pregnant cat I don't know what to do. Does anyone know of any natural way to rid cats of worms?
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What kind of worms? If it's tapeworms, Tradewinds dewormer is safe for pregnant cats, I used it on mine with the advice of my vet. I don't know any natural remedies for worms though, sorry.
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I am pretty sure they are tapeworms they are comming out into the feces. Alright thank you so much. I can't find anything natural to cure worms either. I wish that there was something.
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Its best to have a vet treat your cat for any kinds of worms, rather then use the over the counter stuff. Since you are unsure if its tapeworms, have the vet give the dosage. I'm not sure how safe it would be to worm a pregnant cat.
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I agree that if you are seeing little rice looking segments then that is in fact tapeworm. That is a pretty obvious diagnosis and Tradewinds is a great brand to pick up. It tells the exact dosage for your cat so you can't go wrong. I would check the bottle to be sure it is safe for pregnant cats but I do believe it is. It is the SAME thing that the vet will give you just with a different brand name. The active ingredients are the same in this and the dewormer the vet will give you.

Remember too that tapeworms come from fleas so you may have to check the cat for fleas also but I am not sure which flea meds are okay on pregnant cats. You will have to call a vet to ask or do a little google searching. Don't pick up the off brand flea medications though, stick to the name brand Advantage, Frontline, Revolution...
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When we took our pregnant stray to the vet to have her checked out, he dewormed her and treated her ear mites there. Then again, he also gave her a rabies shot which a lot of people are now telling me wasn't safe, so you might want to poll more than one vet to see if they recommend deworming for pregnant cats and then go with what the majority of them say. I agree with previous posters though, I don't think I'd try to do it myself.
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